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ADF Channel Presets


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Bug description:


The list of ADF presets on the right side wall of the cockpit will not display information for Sochi (URSS) airdrome. I've not tested every single airdrome, but I did spot check a few others that aren't displayed by default, and they all worked properly.




Steps to reproduce:


Open the following file and replace any of the existing entries with "Sochi" (see code snippet below):


C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\Ka-50\Cockpit\Scripts\ARK\ARK.lua



mode = ADF_ADF
receiver_mode = ADF_RECEIVER_TLF
homer_selection_method = ADF_HOMER_SELECTION_AUTO
channel = 1
volume = 0.5

channels = {
[1] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[Krasnodar]   ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[Krasnodar])),
[2] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[MinVody]   ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[MinVody])),
[3] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[sochi]   ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[sochi])),
[4] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[Anapa]    ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[Anapa])),
[5] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[Mozdok]   ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[Mozdok])),
[6] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[Nalchick] ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[Nalchick])),
[7] = runway_homer_pair(Airdrome[Maykop]  ,nil,localizedAirdromeName(terrainAirdromes[Maykop])),
[8] = {
	[ADF_HOMER_FAR] = NDB(beacons["Кисловодск"]),
	[ADF_HOMER_NEAR] = NDB(beacons["Передовая"])


PC Configuration










Although the screenshot shows I'm using a modded cockpit (RICARDO's), I tested with the default cockpit and have no other mods installed.


Having searched for a solution, I came across a thread suggesting the ARK.lua file be added to the x.miz file as a workaround -- however, this did not solve the problem for me.

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I loaded it up -- and it didn't fix Sochi -- compared the new file with the old, and the only difference between the two had to do with Kutaisi. No change in relation to Sochi. (beacons.lua)

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You can see why it does not show up on the ARK-22 panel, there are no lines for the beacons. A couple airfields were not completed during a 1.2.4 update.


I am really hoping Wags meant to say "ABRIS" instead of "EKRAN" changes in the next 1.2.5 update.


I will look into seeing if I can get it working in a day or so.

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Hello, I am more awake now... Sochi does not have ADF approaches in the DCS map, only ILS, so it will have blanks spots in the ARK-22 card.


Not all fields have NDB approaches and they will have blanks slots. Choose another one for that slot.

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You might need some more coffee ;)


Seriously though -- I'm no expert and could definately be wrong, but as I understand it, it seems Sochi does have an NDB with a callsign and a frequency. AFAIK, the ARK-22 homes in on NDB's.


From Wikipedia:


NDB navigation consists of two parts — the automatic direction finder (or ADF) equipment on the aircraft that detects an NDB's signal, and the NDB transmitter ... ADF equipment determines the direction to the NDB station relative to the aircraft. This may be displayed on a relative bearing indicator (RBI).


Here is the code from original file -- you can see the callsign is "CO" and the freq is 761000.0:


[sochi] = { -- URSS Sochi - Adler (Russia)
	[b][color="Red"]callsign = "СО",[/color][/b]
	[b][color="Red"]frequency = 761000.0,[/color][/b]
	position = {
	Z0 = -20.0,
	S0 = -1120
	ILS:frequency(111.1, 'ISO', math.rad(3.0))


Here's a shot of the mission editor:



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