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Stepping down from VH


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Hey guys,


Just wanted to inform you that I am stepping down from the Virtual Horsemen. I've had a blast over the last 5 years, but feel that it's time for a new challenge in my life. I'll still be around VA and will fly as and when I feel like it, but wont be committed to any team for the immediate future. Whilst we're here, I would like to extend my thanks to the real team, their staff and, most importantly, the pilots who have flown on my wing for the last 5 years for making our team what it is today.


Julian will be taking over, effective immediately.


All the best,




(PS. To all those who have applied to join the team - your applications will be forwarded to Julian and he will continue the recruiting process following his return in August.

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Hey Rock;


This is very very sad day..hearing this..you were my mentor..without you I wouldn't be sort of where I am...hoping to see you back again soon.....


Your Friend..:thumbup::thumbup:




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