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DCS World - Re-installation and Update


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Having just built a new computer, I am now looking to get all the fun stuff installed on it.


Since my broadband isn't all that 'broad', I'm kind of reluctant to download the 6-7GB of the very latest DCS World installer files, but I already have the DCS World 1.2.1.xxxx installation files from some time ago.


So I was just thinking, do you think it would work to install the old version 1.2.1.xxx, and then perform an automatic update to bring it into line with the current 1.2.4.xxxx?

(Theory being there will be considerably less 'gig-age' to download)


I did in fact try this last night, but the "Checking for updates..." dialog came and went, clearly without actually doing anything.

(And yes, the Internet connection was up and working at the time :))

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