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I ejected 25 minutes ago and my 29 hasn't come down yet

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I ejected from a 29S in level flight just above the tower for laughs and it flew away... it has been circling for more than 25 minutes now (no control input or auto pilot involved) and hasn't crashed yet. Is that a record :)?

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Wow. This is one stable aircraft even without a canopy!


It finally stopped flying up and down in altitude and settled like this


for like 20 minutes. Finally ran out of fuel and crashed after 38 minutes and 19 seconds without a pilot.

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I had that happen in an IL-2 once. Got all controls knocked out so bailed. The plane kept circling for over 30 minutes, with the 88 still taking pot shots at it.



Shaken, stirred, snap frozen - twice, turned into a snowman and shaken some more.

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I think the pilotless MiG-23 that flew into West Germany years ago has you beat.


Pilotless MIG Flies Into NATO Skies, Crashes

July 05, 1989


BRUSSELS — A Soviet jet fighter flew over three NATO nations Tuesday, after its pilot ejected over Poland, and crashed into a house near the French-Belgian border, killing a teen-ager inside.


Officials of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, headquartered in Brussels, said U.S. F-15s intercepted the MIG-23 soon after it entered NATO airspace and accompanied it until it crashed. They said the Soviet plane was carrying only conventional weapons.



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