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TAW DCS is recruiting!


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The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a vast community of gamers consisting of 2,400+ members over dozens of games. As of recently, Digital Combat Simulator has been added to that list of great games. The TAW DCS Division is now recruiting members for all modules of DCS World.


We are currently a large group of dedicated individuals (30+) and we're hoping to gain more members to expand our DCS division. We are very knowledgeable in all of the DCS World Modules and hope that new members can share their experience and knowledge with us.


We host three organized weekly events using multiple modules to accomplish tasks. We use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate on one of the most-popular TS3 servers in the world. Our training program, exclusively for TAW members, teaches all aspects of DCS allowing anyone with any level of skill and any amount of experience to join us and further advance their skills as a pilot.


Our members are not limited to one module as they get to choose which aircraft they fly at our weekly events. With an organized structure, leadership is strong and well-developed. Our members are caring and devoted to further enrich all other members of not only TAW DCS, but other TAW members. Joining TAW not only means getting to fly with TAW DCS, it means that you are now allowed to join any other TAW event hosted by any other TAW division at any time; you are granted access to one of the top 10 TeamSpeak servers in the world, and granted access to a thriving community on TAW.net.


We are currently creating missions for, and setting up, a dedicated server so that potential members can see how we set up our play, and conduct our missions.


You can email me using the email provided below, or find me on teamspeadk to ask any questions about TAW or TAW DCS.


Want to see what we're all about? Come join us as a guest for one of our weekly events by emailing me and reserving a slot!


Hope to see you in the fight!

Contact Info


TAW -> http://www.taw.net

DCS Division DC -> Insignia@taw.net

DCS Division DO -> Harryward@taw.net

TeamSpeak Server -> ts.taw.net

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