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Town structures


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As i can recall there was earlier a discussion and done research on spesific structures which hogs DCS cause of their complexity and/or the way they are made. Like a couple of structures in the middle of a town etc, which drags down the fps etc. and/or make fps unstable. Was there ever any conclusions on this or recorded a spesific list of those spesific EDM/blk files?

System spec:

Intel Core i7 920@4.2Ghz (stable, 65degC fully loaded), EVGA GTX-780, Asus P6T Deluxe V2 v.5.04 BIOS, Saitek X52, 1TB/500GB WD HD for system/storage. Kingston SSD 120 GB for DCS, 250GB Samsung 840 SSD for the rest. 16GB Kingston KHX1600C9D3 Memory, 9 GB Pagefile, EK HFX-240 Watercooling, Corsair HX-1000 PSU. HAF-932 Tower, TrackIR-5, Win64Ult


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