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Collective Autopilot Route mode switch


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On the collective there is a 3 position switch for autopilot, off, decent and route modes. Center position which is off, back position is decent mode (default 'D' key) and forward is route mode (default 'R' key)..


The problem is you cannot correctly map this to any 3 position switches on for example the HOTAS Thrustmaster throttle 3 pos switches. The switch works to the extent that decent and off positions work correctly when switching between positions but route mode requires you to cycle the toggle switch twice in its position for it to switch between off and route.


Can this be verified and fixed please.

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Send a keystroke when on, then again when off and it works fine. It has been a long time since I have seen TM coding, but it should not be hard to do.


Send a key stroke again when off ? Do you mean in the 'target' software ?




I just reversed the functions on the switch and decent mode still works correctly and returned to the off position when I center the toggle switch without cycling it. Its just the 'Route' control map in the game that doesn't work.

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From what I read in this post from this thread on how to fix toggle switches, the route switch can't easily be configured to work this way because it's not clickable in the cockpit. The simplest solution is to use the TARGET software, but it's sadly far from ideal. I've just resigned myself to having to toggle the route switch.


If you're looking to fix up your HOTAS controls in the Shark, that thread is a worthwhile read.


Edit: try the following:

In your saves\DCS\config\input\joystick folder, open up the lua file for your device. Look for something akin to this:
{combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN7"}, }, down = iCommandPlane_RouteMode, name = "Engage/Disengage Route Mode", category = "Ins Collective Stick"},
And add:
{combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN7"}, }, down = iCommandPlane_RouteMode, [b]up = iCommandPlane_RouteMode, [/b]name = "Engage/Disengage Route Mode", category = "Ins Collective Stick"},

This'll make the switch (in this case, the speed brake forward switch on the warthog throttle) toggle route mode both when it's switched on and when it's switched off. See if that helps =)

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