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Operation DRM


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version 1.0


Urkranian pirates are smuggling counterfit copies of 2003's LockOn : Modern Air Combat to Central Europe.


The blackmarket demand has peaked for this game since the release of the Flaming Cliffs 3 expansion which requires this ancient LOMAC game as a prerequisite, even though its not even sold anywhere anymore.


As UBISOFT's top squad of international anti-piracy jet pilots - "Piracy ENgaging Interantional Squad" it is your job to protect the digital rights of the company, by intercepting cargo planes full burnt copies of LOMAC accompanied by low quality bubblejet printed black and white manuals.


You are authorised to use lethal force if the smugglers do not respond to radio contact or if they do not obey landing orders.





This is a 1-4 player mission, its just a bit of a fun warm up mission or good for showing a friend how to get started with Flaming Cliffs 3


Take one of the 3x F-15C or a SU-27 and shoot down the cargo planes.


The mission will spawn 4 cargo planes for each player that joins (up to a total of 16 cargo planes).


Simply destroy all cargo planes before they reach their destination, and then of course land safely :pilotfly:


Good Hunting!:D

Operation DRM.miz

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