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Snap Views locking out controls


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This started a long time ago, but only with the radios. If I was looking at the radio stack using a snap view, my G15 keys that I had set up to switch presets would not work. This was a minor issue, and I assumed it would get a fix along the way. IIRC it started with the last update to the stand-alone version.

Now however, with 1.2.4, I am finding that no controls other than the joystick axis will work with any snap view active. All keystrokes, MFD, and HOTAS button inputs seem to be locked out. This makes it difficult to use my MFD's, to say the least.

I can still use the mouse to click buttons on screen while in a snap view, but this is rather time consuming compared to using my presets or controllers. All controls work fine in normal view.

Anyone else having this issue, or is it a bug? If it's something I have done, I'd greatly appreciate suggestions for a fix. I have already gone through my snap view settings, .lua's etc and everything looks to be set up the same as before when they worked well.

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