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BS2 need of an "Engage with" option in Menu to Wingmen


BS2 need of an "Engage with" option in Menu to Wingmen  

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  1. 1. BS2 need of an "Engage with" option in Menu to Wingmen

    • YES - BS2 do need an "Engage with" Radio Menu option!
    • I don't care what my Wingmen do

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In Ka-50 Radio Menu to Wingmen, an "Engage with" option like in A-10C for a selective choice of weapons use is badly needed!


In long Missions like in Guntlets where you can't afford a wasteful abuse of Laser guided Rockets on secondary targets, a wise & sparingly applied use of them for high risk targets like SAMs & AAA is appropriate. The Wingmen shoot off all their Laser-guided Rockets on an unarmed Truck convoy, whereas a two Gun-shot is enough to take out a one unarmored vehicle.


So if in that long lap release of BS the AI / Artificial Intelligence of Pilots didn't get smart enough to distinct between a Tank / Air Defense or an armored vehicle / Truck to make the proper Weapon choice - PLEASE give the commander the ability to choose the right weapon for them and ADD "Engage with" in Radio Menu!

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