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So i was flying the VIP passenger mission and when i picked up the general he told me "you know the flightplan right" then he Said ok lets go to "randomname" and i didn't know where to go. So my question how can i see the flightplan? I know how to use adf, hdg etc but i have heard about the kneeboard but can't find it in the options and what it is. :helpsmilie:


Regards Rickard :pilotfly:

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A better readability of the flight-plan and much, much more:

>>>> KNEEBOARD Export for 'multimonitorsetup.lua' in all modules - DCS 1.2.4

Have a look.



What others say about this mod:



This is awesome love it although I have only tried out UH1 and none of the others yet but I can confirm that the Huey version is in a perfect position now before it was over my centre console but now its spot on right where my knee would be.

Love it Peter you are the mod man genius.

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