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A-10C Template and Gimp


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Hi all


I was trying to make some skins for the Hog, but destiny doesn't wants me to work on it...


I'm using Gimp (2.8, but until today 2.6) and for all the .psd templates I had no problem, but three of them (-b, -d and -f .psd files of the template) don't open correctly (with 2.6 I had an error message, with 2.8... well, at least it shows some white shapes)


I know I could be using Photoshop and get rid of problems, but I dont get along with it (it hates me or something, and I answer that hating too), and it seems that convert the .psd to other format it's quite tedious


Also it could be something with that CMYK colours or whatever, but out of 13 files only 3 are giving me such problem


Anyone using Gimp have the same issue? Is there any way of making it work with it?


Thanks in advance

Eagle driver 4-ever!!

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