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Running two installs of DCS World on same PC???


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For several reasons I need to run DCS World and all of my modules on two separate drives. I run it off of my E: drive at the moment and it is heavily modified. I now have a much larger C: drive and I wish to install everything on it as well. Once I have the second install properly modified and functioning I will remove the installed DCS World from my E: drive permanently.


But there is the issue of mods being stored into C:/Users/saved games/etc. on my C: at the moment and what happens when there is a second install.


Has anyone ever tried this and are there problems doing this?


John W

aka WarHog.


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Just a thought ... make another windows signon and your save game issue is solved. Once you get everything moved over properly you can copy saves back to the original directory.


Just me thinking out loud ... YMMV.





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Rename or Copy/Paste the Saved Games/DCS folder elsewhere, Install on C: Drive, Update, Start moving mods back.

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