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I need some motivation to fly helicopters!

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Weird post i know, but i have had a HARD time deciding what to fly: jets or helicopters for like 2 years and i'm tired of changing my mind every week.

I virtual fly both KA-50 and A 10-C and i know how to use both and have done lots of missions with both and, overall, i have enjoyed more the Black shark (note i would like to spend my little time on only one type of aircraft, and enjoy every one of them as they come out, of that same type). I actually feel curiosity about helicopters in general, every time i'm flying my A-10 in a server with external views enabled, i end up seeing anyone who is flying a chopper and i can spend a lot of time just watching it lol, etc.


BUT i have not flown any fast jet and im scared if i finally decide to go BS, get in a squad, spend days with them and then discover i liked fast jets more when they finally come out! I'm also scared that the MIG-21 might be any good at ground attack and enjoy it more than the KA, and more so the F/A-18... sigh.


So the real question would be what are the pros of helicopters over jets related to Close Air Support, ONLY, since that's what i love most (i hate SEAD, deep interdictions or air combat only)


I really LOVE ground attack from the air in any form (not in a dragon or a giant bird though) :pilotfly:

So please, please tell me what helicopter are for, and why armies use them if the jets are so wonderful and they spend so much money buying hundreds of hem!!


Thanks in advance and sorry for any bad english, im from Spain (not usually known for our language domination :doh: )




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To be honest, I don't think you have to make a choice at all :)


Helicopters can be deployed much closer to the front and don't require a concrete runway to operate well; also, [correct me if I'm wrong but] you can operate much closer to your troops, hover and loiter for longer than a jet aircraft.


You seem to be an attack pilot, regardless if on fixed or rotary wings. It isn't really harmful to jump from aircraft to aircraft every once in a while (as long as you can keep up with the different systems and whatnot) - real life military pilots do that all the time, after all.


Since it seems to be your preference, let's just say you're assigned to a helicopter wing right now, so just "get to the choppa'!" and go blow up whatever needs blowing up, and leave the Escort and SEAD to the fixed wing people.


Regardless of the exact release date of the next module, there is still some time left until a new plane lands here so dedicate that to the Ka-50.


When the time comes and either a new aircraft is released, or you feel like you need a break from the Ka-50, do some OCU (operational conversion unit) time and give the other aircraft a go, fly them for a bit and give them a chance to see if they fit what you're looking for.


If it works, great! Consider yourself reassigned to a fighter/attack unit for the time being; if not, just get back on the Shark. Perhaps they just haven't released the right aircraft yet, or maybe you're just really a Shark pilot after all.


Whatever the case is, rinse and repeat until you find your aircraft of choice - or if you're happy jumping from one to another, great too, whatever works best really :)


We're probably getting some other attack helicopters at some point in the future, my best guesses being the AH-64A and Mi-24V based on older updates, and Belsimtek has a Mi-17 in the oven as well, which can perform both attack and transport duties.


Keep in mind, we've yet to see a Western dedicated attack helicopter, so no one knows how it'll feel to fly it.


In short, you have a lot of options, take your time to try all of them and see whatever's best for you. Personally speaking, from the FC2 days, when it came to attack aircraft I couldn't really get along with the A-10A, but when I tried the Su-25 it was perfect for me, and I'm talking about the A version, with no Shkval, Vikhrs, SEAD capability or TV-guided weapons. It just handles in a way I like and can take a lot of damage and still get the job done and get me home (a modern-day IL-2 or P-47 if you will). For me, that did the job back then.


I don't know how everyone will react to the MiG-21, the Harrier GR9 and AV-8B+, the F-15E or the F/A-18C or F/A-18E. They're all different from each other as well. All we can do is try the ones which seem appealing as soon as they're out, until the right one comes along.


For me, the thing I'm most excited about is VEAO's Hawk, no kidding. First thing I want to do is get myself ready for a fast jet before actually jumping into one. A trainer aircraft is something completely new to DCS, I'm really glad they're modelling it :)

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Thanks a lot for the advice and your time Lucas!

I guess you are right. I don't have to think one type of aircraft and keep it for my entire life. I havent tested any fast jet and i love reading about them and looking info, so i guess ill enjoy a lot flying them also in DCS.


I'll do what you say and fly the KA for now and see what happens when other jet appears, since it seems the A-10 is not what i like most about aircrafts :P


You also gave me an idea: flying the su25 which i allways liked but never tried because it was not "ultra simulation" but it might be a nice time for when i'm not flying the KA.


Thanks a lot, shame i can only give you rep and not a hug also haha.

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