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On 5/4/2013 at 9:25 PM, ebabil said:

If this started before sorry.

we can share our ideas that can be implemented to our Huey.


-active ai door gunners OK

-rain drops on glasses OK

-visible troops in chopper , loading unloading

-sling loads OK

-rope operations like special forces

-slick versions OK

-medevac version (visual medic operations/animations )

-coast guard versions (smilar visual actions as medevac)


would also be nice to have a real loadmaster, not only this little box and a more clever AI pilot that can do flying like jester in the tomcat - but not so anxious as he else would jump after the first bullte....

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Posted (edited)

I would like to see more dynamic physics in the antitorgue pedals  especially when it comes to high speeds where right pedal is needed. This is mentioned in the dcs review of the real huey

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A complete cockpit retexture.




Maybe .50 caliber door guns, if they were carried. 


Seeing the troops in back. 


FM updates. Make it as real as possible. 


Some version of ED's new AI. It would be fun to be able ro be a door gunner, or co pilot. Also it would be nice to be able to select targets. 


Make sling loads actually be a logistics node. So we can actually rearm ground forces. Same for fuel tanks. 


The UH-1H was in Desert Storm. It would be really nice to have that one ingame. I would also like CSAR to be implanted organically into the coming dynamic campaign. That and maybe some kind of medevac script. Like the ability to land near a group of infantry, and pickup anyone with less then 50% or 25% health remaining. Of course these last two would apply to all the helos. 

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I'll add my voice to the "texture re-work" wish.

This is a great module, and it would be nice to see the texture work brought up to standard with the newer releases.


I'd also like to see soldier models added with animations to enable insertion/extraction of operators.

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I'm a total nuub to the Huey, but still...


IDLE STOP/IDLE OFF: one button press to move from IDLE OFF to IDLE, one button press to move from IDLE to IDLE OFF, a bind to put those together as a combi-switch so that it works with TM Warthog Throttle with lower-end indent and beyond-indent switch working as both (buttons 29 & 30).


This works in the A-10 with the bind added manually, in the FA-18, and in the Harrier (these are the only modern aircraft I'm flying. Only the Huey has this very odd configuration forcing you to mess with the keyboard to do things not required in the actual Huey. 



This can be a very easy fix.


TURNING DIALS: in all the other aircraft I fly, right click turns a dial to the right, left click turns it to the left; very logical, very sensible, very... not in the Huey.


This can't be that difficult to fix and make it conform to all the other DCS modules, can it?


When you hit the wrong button on take-off



System Specs.

[TABLE]System board ... MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK

CPU ............ Intel Core i7-5820K @ 3800MHz per OC Genie

CPU cooling .... Noctua NH-D15

Memory ......... 16GB DDR4-3000 G.Skill Ripjaw

PSU ............ Corsair AX860i PSU

Graphics card .. Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Amp! Extreme

System disk .... SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD

Monitor ........ ASUS MG279Q, 27"

VR ............. Oculus Rift CV1[/TABLE]

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