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Signal Distribution Panel for Copilot. Now that Multicrew is a thing, the lack of a second signal distribution panel has become an obvious issue. The real helicopters have one for each pilot so t

Infra-red position nights for night ops. The controls are there for it but they have never worked. 

Multicrew 3D troops on board

The Huey is my favourite module. What I want most is to have more things to do with it! In particular to shuttle people around and see them visually represented in the back.


How cool would it be to look over your shoulder and see 3 guys next to the gunner waiting to get dropped off and a medic tending to a guy in a stretcher?


I know the following isn't likely to get implemented but hey, this is a wishlist ;-)


  • See who and how many you're carrying in the back (troops? wounded? supplies?)
  • Be able to line drop troops while hovering
  • Be able to pickup wounded via hoist/basket (perhaps operated by a medic up top?)
  • Embark/disembark animations


Here's hoping!

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utility helicopters are great opportunuty for sim world. you can do loooooots of things with these birds. belsimtek should consider this. i can buy every variant of huey or hip

FC3 | UH-1H | Mi-8MTV2 | A-10C II | F/A-18C | Ka-50 | F-14A/B | F-16CAH-64

Persian Gulf | Nevada | Syria | NS-430 | Supercarrier // Wishlist: C-130 | UH-60 | F-4E



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I would like audible commands for door gunner ROE and the like. With the Vive there are no visible text messages for door gunner and weapon status. It would make it easier if the pilot called them out as they changed.

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Huey wishlist.


1. Too high EGT temps cause engine damage - Iˇve seen too many Huey flight on youtube where one is flying all the time with max (seconde red line) EGT setting. Thats not realistic.


2. GPS or similar - small and simple GPS would be great add-on. Entering and flying to GPS coordinates will be a great improvment. The GPS Unit can be turned on-off in settings menu.

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Snap view / head positions would be very helpful for VR. VR is a tease in the Huey, because I can turn my head so see the left panels (but I really have to crank my neck), but things are illegible unless I i turn my whole body, put my face right near the controls, and subsequently smack my face on my throttle. Sometimes I try to reset the view from a point that makes looking at the panel more comfortable, but I have to do it every time.


Also a +1 to engine damage.

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Could I please request an option to stop the VHF, UHF and Nav radios from looping?


To explain why, in flight it can be quite challenging to tune the radios, and with a rift on, accessing keyboard shortcuts or anything that isn't at your finger tips can be a challenge, so I turned to VoiceAttack.


I've written a set of prefix and suffix commands to tune the FM radio that work beautifully as the FM radio bottoms out at 30.00 MHz and I can set VoiceAttack to tune it down to 30.00 then up from there to whatever frequency I require. Unfortunately, because the other radios loop, it's not quite so easy. I'm working through some options in VoiceAttack, but it's proving to be a real challenge. If there were an option available to tick in the options to stop the radios looping, it would be fantastic.


For anybody interested, here are the FM tuning commands. Simply say "Tune FM Three One decimal seven five". This is done with two parts a prefix "Tune FM Three One" and a suffix "decimal seven five".




Edit: I figured out how to program all of the radios with VA (except the ADF), but it's a long, long process to build all of the commands out. The feature would still be nice ;)

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Can we please allow the right seat to zoom in as much as the left seat? Makes it next to impossible to fly from the right seat properly.


Also, when it's a slick setup, can we please have the gunsights removed? They block the view very much and I doubt slicks had them.



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Would love to see engine limits/damage modeled and multicrew!


Especially, since the gunners can lean out and check six or below now.

With the Huey being a seat of the pants flying experience, how cool would it be to have the Mission Commander check course and calculate routes, while the pilot is flying... :)



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Hi, guys!


Here is my huey wishlist: is the working ignition key lock switch, working auxiliary fuel system, working internal fuel transfer switches that transfer internal fuel, working AP/APX-72 transponder set, and many more! Thanks!




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a campaign is coming called "argo"

FC3 | UH-1H | Mi-8MTV2 | A-10C II | F/A-18C | Ka-50 | F-14A/B | F-16CAH-64

Persian Gulf | Nevada | Syria | NS-430 | Supercarrier // Wishlist: C-130 | UH-60 | F-4E



Z390 / i5 9400F / RTX3070 / 32 GB Ram / 500 gb SSD and 1 tb HDD // CH Fighterstick - MS FFB2 - TM Warthog Throttle and Stick - CH Pro Pedals - Trackir 4 and 5

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Biggest thing for me is multi-crew, the pilot being able to fly while the gunner has the flexible gunsight and able to hammer targets better, or to be able to be a door gunner while the pilot is flying.

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My biggest wish would be a new campaign in the quality of the UN-Campaign.

I would of course also very gladly pay for it!


a campaign is coming called "argo"


Yes, the campaign is ready. Finished the last parts today. :)

There will be a final testing period from now on and if all goes well it shall be published soon.

I hope you will find it interesting and enjoy it.


You can check for updates here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=178117



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"ARGO" DCS UH-1H DLC SP Campaign

373vFS DCS World squadron (Greece) - www.buddyspike.net

"ARGO 2.0 Project Phoenix" UH-1H DLC Campaign - WIP

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