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RIP Jim Mackonochie

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Unbelievable...I'm speechless. Godspeed, and RIP Jim. :(

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"There will always be people with a false sense of entitlement.

You can want it, you can ask for it, but you don't automatically deserve it. "

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It is with a very heavy heart that I want to relay that our dear friend and compatriot Jim Mackonochie (JimMack) died of liver cancer today. Jim, the son of a British test pilot was a Royal Navy offic

Gone, yet not forgotten

My deepest sympathies to Jim's Family, friends and all of the ED team.

I never had the fortune to meet him, but his contribution to the flight sim community is not lost on me. I feel we have lost a standard bearer.


Thank you for all that you have done Jim and may you rest in peace.

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A few of us will be going to Duxford tomorrow around 11am to pay our respects to the TFC colleagues there and to remember Jim so fondly during the Legends air shows and TFC functions I had the privilege to attend with him.


Will be nice if anyone can make it.



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Stand Down Jim. You have walked your post with honor. RIP!

Dusty Rhodes


Play HARD, Play FAIR, Play TO WIN


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Jim was not only a colleague for me. He was an older friend. Very kind, warm and attentive.

Rest in peace, Jim.

Ніщо так сильно не ранить мозок, як уламки скла від розбитих рожевих окулярів

There is nothing so hurtful for the brain as splinters of broken rose-coloured spectacles.

Ничто так сильно не ранит мозг, как осколки стекла от разбитых розовых очков (С) Me

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My heartfelt condolences. May he RIP.



Fat T is above, thin T is below. Long T is faster, Short T is slower. Open triangle is AWACS, closed triangle is your own sensors. Double dash is friendly, Single dash is enemy. Circle is friendly. Strobe is jammer. Strobe to dash is under 35 km. HDD is 7 times range key. Radar to 160 km, IRST to 10 km. Stay low, but never slow.

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My Simpathies... :(


My PC specs below:

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Monitor: Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Freesync HDR400 1440P


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I'm very sad to hear this.


Rest in peace my friend Jim!

Best Regards



System: Intel Core i7-4790, 3,6GHz, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB GDDR5,

TM HOTAS Warthog;(MSFFB2 for testing); TrackIR4 +Track Clip Pro; Windows 10 Pro.

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The simulation's world is in mourning today.


It was a pleasure to meet and exchange some words with him in the "Mondial de la Simulation". Accessible and discreet to wear it behind the scenes many simulators today. I comfort myself by saying that there is probably still a lot of things that this man with a big heart leave us all.


What better for you than to join the sky.

Rest in Peace Jim.

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A wonderful man and will be much missed.


I was saddened to also hear that his beloved wife, affectionately known as 'dottie' had also died, last year.


Jim, thank you for the personal support you gave to me at RAF Duxford in 2010 regarding starting the 74th. The encouragement, gratitude and hospitality on that special day was humbling. On behalf of all members of the 74th, we offer our sincerest condolences to his family and friends of TFC and ED.


Much Missed.




see you in the FRV Jim.

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Need a break from flying? - search for 'PT Racing' on YouTube.


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I had the privilege of meeting Jim in person at the 2012 Lowland Tigermeet and I was immediately impressed with the man. A very likable, personable guy, but smart and passionate, too. He will very much be missed.

Shoot to Kill.

Play to Have Fun.

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My sincere condolences to those who knew and loved him.

PC: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz | MSI GTX 1080 TI | ASUS Maximus IX Hero | 32GB DDR4 RAM | 512GB Samsung 850 PRO SSD | Win10 Pro 64bit

Gear: HP Reverb | JetPad FSE | MTX Sim Rig | VKB Gunfighter Pro Mk.III w/ MCG Ultimate (center) | VKB Gunfighter Mk.III w/ SCG-R Premium (side)




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RIP My Friend


I am shocked and saddened at the passing of my good friend Jim Mackonochie. It was in 1995 when Jim who, while working for Mindscape in the UK, first brought the possibility of SSI publishing an Su-27 Flanker simulation developed by a Russian developer named Eagle Dynamics. I was working at SSI on wargames and simulations and met Jim who was incredibly enthusiastic about both the sim and the developers. That was the beginning of a great friendship and working relationship.


Jim went on to continue to work on Flanker 2.0, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, and the continuing line of outstanding simulation products created by The Flying Collection/Eagle Dynamics.


Jim was a passionate professional who appreciated good friendship and was definitely one of our best Ambassadors in the air combat simulation genre.


I have had the great pleasure to have experienced the hospitality and kindness of Jim and his family when I've traveled to London. I have many fond memories of being with Jim at his home in London, at Duxford attending Flying Legends, at E3, in Moscow at Eagle Dynamics and "out on the town", and in San Diego.


The world is suddenly less colorful and a bit less interesting with the loss of a man like Jim Mackonochie. Rest in Peace my friend.


For Jim, the Royal Navy Man: Si vis pacem, para bellum / If you wish for peace, prepare for war


Semper Fidelis,


Carl C. Norman

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My condolences to his family. Makes me sad to hear this, but the good memories of him will stay. RIP



Godspeed Jim :cry:

Let Your Soul Fly Forever Over There :pilotfly:

Atop the midnight tarmac,

a metal beast awaits.

To be flown below the radar,

to bring the enemy his fate.





"When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." - R. Buckminster Fuller (1895 - 1983), American Architect, Author, Designer, Inventor, and Futurist

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