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looking to buy a new joystick.


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my old Microsoft Sidewinder 1 from the early 90's still works, but you have to wrap the cord around the thumb screws to get it to register. she has been a trooper.... i have flown COUNTLESS hours in war birds 3, FSX, DCS and many other games. i even threw her agnest the wall, and fixed it using carb springs from a old rodchester Q-jet carb.


however, im actually kinda sad to say.... i need a replacment. its like looking at my dog "bear". he is a 12 year old mini schnauzer... hes looking old, and only has around 2 or 3 years left. he limps when he walks, but he is still the best dog i ever had, and its going to be sad to lose him. (wow, thats actually a great anoligy)


anyway, on a higher note.... im looking at the X52 pro. i want to use the littke mouse nub for looking around and clicking on stuff, and the little roteries on hte go stick to change my trim. however, i have heard that the roteries, slider (communly used for speed brakes) and mouse thing can casue MAJOR problems.


like drastic rolls to the left.


so, are all these problems easy to fix (or have been fixed) or should i look at something else?


i know hte thrustmaster worthog is a boss stick... but im looking for a stick in the $150 US range (200, or 225 MAX).


thank you!:joystick:

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I'm sure others will chime in. I don't own an X52 pro but a few of the guys in my squad own them and love them. I've heard of no issues from them with the little joystick or the sliders. I good profile and having the axis set properly will do you just fine. BTW I use Ch Products Fighterstick, Pro Throttle, and Pro Pedals myself. Just my $.02 :thumbup:

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Hi kainhall


I've had an X52 Pro and now use the X65-F. Both are exceptional flight sticks and with both I felt that I got very good value for money, important considering the price. I behaved irrationally, spent like a trooper, and bought myself the Warthog HOTAS as well, also exceptional. After some time using both I find that for everything barring the A-10 I use the Saitek. Customising the buttons and hat switches in the Saitek is very easy and having multiple custom profiles for different sims is child's play. The only thing I prefer on the Warthog hotas is the feel of the throttle. The Saitek throttles are, and remain, a touch too stiff.


Regards the rotaries on the X52 causing problems, mine worked perfectly from day one. The twist grip eventually failed though, hence buying the X65-F. The latter has been used by me very extensively and it's performed without a single glitch or hiccup. I must caveat that with the fact that I've read that others haven't taken to the pressure sensitive stick in the same way I have. It allows for extremely accurate and fine control but does take a while to get used to.


The saitek sticks are by far my personal favourite in regard to what's available today. Given your price range, if I was in your shoes, the X52 Pro would be my choice. If you're a dedicated virtual pilot (or perhaps more accurately, OCD about sims like me, I'd strongly suggest saving for a while and going for the X65. Just don't over-spend like I did :) Fun, but very unwise of me!


I sincerely hope that was useful.

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Guest Izoul123

Just save your money for the TM WH. Please, I beg of you to do so, as one flight sim enthusiast to another. If you can justify the $225 max range, just save a bit more. I know it's a bastard of a purchase and the wife might yell, but just do it, even if you have to wait 3 more months, save the extra and get the TM WH. The simulation will become more 'alive' than you ever could have imagined. There is no substitute, and you are doing yourself an injustice by not getting the TM WH if you are going to dedicate time to this sim.

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My two months old X-52 Pro is going back for a refund this week or the next.


My issues:


Stick Unit


- Whole stick came a little loose. Can push the whole stick downwards towards the base a notch.

- Springs quote tacky and doesnt allow for smooth control.

- Random fluctuations along the stick axis. E.g i'll have autopilot on, hands off stick, then bam I'm rolling left.

- Random presses of the hatswitch


Throttle Unit:

- Electrical zapping noise when the lights on the throttle slider is on (the ones that turns green/red depending on throttle lever location). Noise gets better when light is turned off. Worse when at max brightness.

- Pretty much all the swivel knobs have had fluctuations at the centre. Only way to fix this is to have a massive deadzone which, well. Isn't the best.


I probably got a dud unit but after some reading on the interweb, i'm not the only one with these issues. Thankfully the store have agreed to a refund.


Am tossed up between the TMWH and X65. So far its about 55% TMWH, 45% X65...

Intel i5 4670 | GTX 970 | 8 gb Ram | Windows 10

Thrustmaster Warthog | Saitek Rudders | Logitech G27 | Astro A40

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well shit. already bought the x52 pro.


the THWH looks really cool, and i have heard some great things... but it would rune other sims like IL2 and arma2/3


i wish microsoft still made sidewinders.....todays joystick market looks like shit.


no matter what you get, you have to deal with problems.


and im a college kid...and they charged my account with a radom charge of 2250 bucks when i had a surplus of 900 bucks 2 days before they did this. my x52P will be here friday (i hope)....i will update this or post another thread on my expericenses.

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to lazy to edit and REALLY sorry for doubble post... but


are the sensors for the X and Y axis potemitemeters or hull effect? i was born and raised in a shop (rebuilt my frist 350 at 12 years old) and replacing a PETOM with a better one/tweaking is easy enough to do, but hull effect sensors are not so easly messed with.

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I also had problems with the X52 Pro. Mostly twist rudder spiking but I think one of the sliders was inaccurate too. Sent it back and bought the CH Fighterstick first. With it you have to have rudder pedals though but I did not mind since the quality was superior to the X52. A month or two later I had saved enough for the CH Pro Throttle. Now I had a full HOTAS setup along with Saitek pedals.

I've been so happy with them! Most people I've heard of are happy with their X52 but obviously the quality varies alot. Saitek pedals + CH Fighterstick would be around 225 to 250 $ if you find good deals.


Saitek pedals were the only cheapo part in my simming hardware and I've felt it under my feet for a long time. When I tried to mod them a couple of weeks ago, I broke them and finally got a reason to buy quality pedals which would be the Komodosim ProAT pedals. I hope they're good. Should be for that price. The thing is that you get what you pay for.


I don't think there are any hall sensors in X52. My problem had to do with a faulty twist pot.

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