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DCS:W 1.2.3 Generated mission crash on F10 unit select


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Generated a quick mission, flew test.

All seemed ok in the external view environment of the individual units, but when selecting an air unit for the F10 map, test session crashes out.

User controlled a/c was Su-27.


.miz file attached as well as logs.

crash logs.rar

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Changed title of thread to better reflect my findings.

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MP affected by F10 transition - CTD on connect


OK, on joining any MP server (tried 3 different ones), preload screen shows, then a brief glimpse of the F10 map environment (map controls on right side, controls at the top) then I get a CTD.

Suggest it's a transition from the new map GUI to game environment.


OP had all files, including DxDiag, but I've included it separately in this one, just in case you were concerned I didn't attach it.


This problem is now impacting directly on any MP sessions I try to join: Part of the reason why I enjoy DCSW.


I trust you will look into this soon. thanks.

Logs 120313.rar


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Just updated to in the hope that it would have addressed my issues.

Sadly, no.


Would it help if I did this?


# -------------- 20130314-075517 --------------


# C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00005268 00:00000000

00000000 00000000 0000:00000000

00005268 0016EF90 0000:00000000

3FB5CAEF 0016EFC0 0000:00000000

3FB934C6 0016F000 0000:00000000

3FB1A995 0016F040 0000:00000000

F68C4E80 0016F120 0000:00000000 ?process_@ActionDispatcher@@AEAAXUActionEntry@@W4ActionOrigin@@I@Z()+60

F68C5135 0016F160 0000:00000000 ?dispatchAnalogAction@ActionDispatcher@@QEAAXIN@Z()+35

3FB625FA 0016F1F0 0000:00000000

3FB7382A 0016F280 0000:00000000

3FB934C6 0016F2C0 0000:00000000

3FB1A995 0016F300 0000:00000000

F68C4E80 0016F3E0 0000:00000000 ?process_@ActionDispatcher@@AEAAXUActionEntry@@W4ActionOrigin@@I@Z()+60

F68C5135 0016F420 0000:00000000 ?dispatchAnalogAction@ActionDispatcher@@QEAAXIN@Z()+35

3FB4BBF4 0016F450 0000:00000000

3FB4E83E 0016F560 0000:00000000

F67DC78A 0016F590 0000:00000000 ?processMessage@Control@@UEAAXPEAUMessage@@@Z()+9A

3FB58371 0016F5C0 0000:00000000

F67DC7C0 0016F610 0000:00000000 ?sendMessage@Control@@QEAAXHTDWord@@0@Z()+20

F6828473 0016F640 0000:00000000 ?onLButtonUp@Static@@IEAAXHHH@Z()+43

F67DC78A 0016F670 0000:00000000 ?processMessage@Control@@UEAAXPEAUMessage@@@Z()+9A

3FB542C6 0016F6A0 0000:00000000

F67E4A75 0016F720 0000:00000000 ?sortIncomingMail@ControlManager@@QEAAXXZ()+3C5

3FAFAE6F 0016F7B0 0000:00000000

3FAFD93D 0016F810 0000:00000000

3FB16DC4 0016F840 0000:00000000

3FB16C9B 0016F870 0000:00000000

3FBA6BC8 0016F8E0 0000:00000000

3FBA8018 0016FDD0 0000:00000000

3FBAAB9F 0016FE80 0000:00000000

76BF652D 0016FEB0 0001:0001552D C:\Windows\system32\KERNEL32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk()+D

76F3C521 0016FF00 0001:0002B521 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart()+21

Logs 140313.rar

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I been digging around the forums trying to figure out why I'm getting so many crashes after this last update. You seem to share the same common factor as me and many others. # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

I wonder if this will be addressed in the next patch?

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Do you have your CPU or GPU overclocked? I assume we are talking 1.2.4?

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Ok, I have attempted a repair and that did not fix the issue.

Instead, I uninstalled, ran CCleaner to clear the registry, restarted and then reinstalled everything on my primary (SSD), not my secondary (HDD), on which almost everything, except OS is installed.


Everything is installed and updated to and running as expected, no errors.


Must have been a windows update or catalyst update that affected the running of DCSW.

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