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Drivers+FPS problems

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Good evening Gentlemen (or good morning)...


9800Pro... which drivers do you guys use with Flaming Cliffs?


Also, I am having a few FPS problems. Although I have not patched to 1.11 so far because I need to see the tutorials. I am assuming patching will greatly help.


Can you guys or gals help me out and guide me to the best tweaks (settings) to improve FPS without having to resolve to low water or things like that. I see to remember there was a mod for the overcast, is that still available?


Thanks in advance.



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I aint got any ati cards, but i presume the latest ati drivers would be the best, not sure.


Tweaks all depend on your system, like water at low for example if your cpu is les than 2ghz or thereabouts also turn off heat blur and mirrors, scenes to medium or low, just little things like that.


You do get mods for certain things, but me personally, I think its better to just tweak the game settings instead of using a mod to mess with things.


BTW, welcome to the forums.


Experiment with the settings, and you will find a setting that is good for your pc

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