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ok, tomorrow arrives my cougar


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What shall I do to get the most of it and how to avoid instalation or compatibility problems.






If I remember it correctly the only problem I had was my thrust slider which was not assigned correctly by default (I think this was in FC 1.1 or even 1.02)

Anyway assigning the buttons and sliders with functions on your cougar with FC 1.11 setup options or 1.1 is a piece of a cake.

DELL Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 940 2,93 GHz @3 GHz, 8 MB cache | 8.192 MB 1.067 MHz Tri Channel DDR3

| 512 MB ATI® Radeon™ 4850 | 500 GB 7200 rpm Serial ATA | Samsung SM 2693 HM 25.5 " | HOTAS Cougar Thrustmaster |

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