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File for definition of iCommandViewCamera** views

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Can someone from the developers please let me know in which files the view angles for iCommandViewCamera** views are defined (these are called "glance" views in DCS).


The nice feature of these is that if I assign iCommandViewCameraUp to Num5 and the rest of iCommandViewCamera** views to the corresponding numpad keys I get almost the same behavior as in the old viewsystem of Warbirds-> Aces High-> IL-2. That is, iCommandViewCameraUp modifies other iCommandViewCamera** views to look up.


One cannot get the same with DCS "snap" views. If I press a key (Num7) bound to, say, iCommandViewSnapView7 together with Num5 bound to iCommandViewCameraUp the iCommandViewSnapView7 view is not modified to look up.


I'm not quite satisfied with the angles of those views though. They do not appear in SnapViews.lua because they are not "snap" views in DCS terminology.


Can you please kindly let me know how to modify the angles of these iCommandViewCamera** views ?


Thank you

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