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Russian Air Force Photos and Video (NO DISCUSSION)

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First serial Su-57.

One of the better Mig-29 videos out there, filmed completely in-cockpit, original sounds, no silly music, filmed from startup to landing, and some formation flying in between. This video is really wor

Hind back in Pristina Airfield, Kosovo 99! Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk

If our pessimistic guesses are right, it's pretty upsetting indeed.


Those photos are from 2011 though, maybe they were undergoing repairs or upgrades of some sort (I've often seen operational aircraft being serviced looking like that in hangars; Torzhok is a training/testing facility so heavens know what's up there).


In the photo that says "Last Flight DD/MM/2009", the inspection also dates from 2009, we've seen it airborne after that in 2010. In both the 2009 and 2011 photos, the aircraft look the same (seemingly abandoned, basically).


They might just keep them outdoors, maybe the hangars are/were busy (or there weren't hangars)-


OK, decided to investigate. Check GoogleMaps everyone. Type Torzhok in the search bar and find the helicopter base (it'll already be in the frame), then look about. As you can see, no hangars, no nothing basically, all helicopters (and a truckload of 'em, that) are out in the open. The Ka-50s are on the south-west parking areas, you can see the black Ka-50 without the rotors on the first parking space from the centre, sitting tail to tail with another Ka-50 (with its rotors on). It might be Nº26. The image is from 2013, by the way.


Does anyone have any reliable proper info on it?


I'd risk a guess and say most aircraft are operational, with some left for parts - cannibalising happens to all of us at some point after all.


Thanks buddy sad indeed hope we manage to find out more information like others have said it's spirit lives on in the KA52

:joystick: YouTube :pilotfly:

TimeKilla on Flight Sims over at YouTube.

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my god, what a rocket.. )) love the fact they made them guided later on.. if one needs to be 100% sure the tank will be destroyed one uses S-25))

I bet with a 190kg warhead even a near miss might do it. That's more explosive than a Mk82 contains, nearer a Mk83 in fact. Bit of a waste on an IS-3.









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We have... just a different variant, I think... search at "Rockets" under S24 type.


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We have... just a different variant, I think... search at "Rockets" under S24 type.


Yes but this one is S-25O and radio proximity fuze mean lot of infantery kills.



What Kind of explosive have this Version. If is blast fragmentation warhead is not the same. This rocket could have dual purpose.


The warhead look like a warhead Penetration with blast fragmentation


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haha, Kvochur The Legend.. this guy is great, great pilot, charisma, humble by nature and a true professional.. loved watching the original interview on the original 1995 Flanker game... or was that on some other documentary?..cuz on Flanker game there was a clip of the Su-27 flying acrobatics in some airshow.. and can't remember for sure if there was a interview as well or did i see it somewhere else?..


Anyway, Hail Kvochur the Legend..

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An article about S-8 rockets.

01qe.jpg image.jpg


S-25-O, S-25-OF, and S-25-OFM.







Also the S-8T is not in our Sim. The Su-25A is limited to not use this S-8T rocket. With this one the Su-25A have a Antitank Task. Now we have HEAT and penetrating warhead, not enough to destroy a tank. The S-8T rocket, have a TANDEM-HEAT warhead. This mean that only one Impact can destroy one tank is this Areas:




The S-25O and the S-8T rokets are not in our SIM

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Ka-52's shooting rockets and cannons. Lots of blah blah blah with some shooting footage.





Check out this Alligator with a sweet painting and twin Vikhr launchers! I <3 russianplanes.net






















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That jet just looks really good in dark grey.


I beg to differ. S-1 up to and including S-4 is what looked gorgeous:






Btw, S-7 was shown to a Chinese delegation... It will be at Paris show as well.

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