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Here is a movie I have made for the 199th Light Air Wing, which flies the MIG-29S.

I hope you all enjoy it. Comments are welcome :)


It takes place on the return home flight of a fairly uneventful CAP, and there is also a little combat footage, from various other missions. ;)


I currently don't have a web host so sorry for using rapidshare.

(scroll down, click free, wait for ticket, then save.)



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is this ok?

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LOCsta, you have really outdone yourself this time around. Some pretty wild'n'cool editing there. You're style is quite cool, i like it. And some of the colors and effects you used, i was like "what the.." :D


Keep it up!

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Uploaded ...

Video web page


Fantastic video. And very good taste in music.


If there's 1 thing I would change, is I'd cut out the scene where MiG-29 makes a turn on taxi way at speed like 180degree/second.

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thanks for the comments guys ;)


Thanks for hosting Thomas. (want anymore vids to host? This the 14th video I have made, and currently I think only No Fear, and Max G are up.)


A couple notes:


This is made with the in-game render.


The music is 3 different versions of "Renegades of Funk" original is Afrika Bombata.


The 199th Squadron is english speaking, but fly russian jets. Thus the reason for the english comms chatter.


Our website and forums is currently down and maybe lost forever :( so please contact me via pm on this site or via email.


Again, thanks for watching ;)

is this ok?

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Another masterpiece! Incredible work Loc!


Really, you and GA blow me away! I think I'm going to have to start a fan club for Locsta/Glowing AMRAAM movie groupies! lol


Nice dude


PS: How do you get such good frame rates? Is that what you see in game (like with mirrors and all) or is it because of the movie?


Can you explain this to me (I've got no movie making experience at all)

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Guest ruggbutt


PS. the 199th got a website ??

We lost everything on the website. For the past year and a half we've had issues with our host and their database. The forums are up, then 2 days later they're down. I've had 2 dozen (no exaggeration) support tickets filed with them in the past year. We'll be moving to a new host and I'll be putting up a squadron page. We fly and do FPS's, so I'll try to cover all aspects of BSR/199th.

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Guest IguanaKing

Great video Locsta! But, I must be getting too good with my Russian language in-head translation, because those MiG pilots sounded like they were speaking English. Heh...just kidding, dude...GREAT VID!!! :beer:

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