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Loading profiles Logitech G940 blue void spaces

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Have installed all axis and all controls (in game of LockOn Flaming Cliff 2 (DVD) version 2.0) for the F15.

In order to avoid to install all other aircrafts control and axes I saved the profile as G940 profiles F15 and then wanted to load the same profile in Subaru 33. this enables me to change only a few settings instead of installing all new. It worked only partially installing only JS settings and not

Throttle etc. The worst problem is that it created light blue void spaces in the Keyboard, Logitech Joystick and Pedals and throttle columns. In these void spaces I can't anymore assign any controls (clicking on the column does not work). Cleared category. Closed and reopened the game - the void spaces are still there. What should I do?

thanks for replies


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Blue Voids


I just noticed that I have the same problem. Nothing to contribute, unfortunately, in terms of a root cause, or a workaround. I guess I'll open another incident record and see how that goes.




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Kingston SSDNow 2.5" 120GB SATA III | LG SATA DVD±RW 22x DUAL | Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard / M65 Laser Mouse | 40” Samsung LED.

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