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FREE BF2 like game based on Crysis 1 engine

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I came across this by accident. I think I was looking for a good bread recipe. As the title says this is a Battlefield 2 like multiplayer game based on the Crysis 1 engine

called CASUS BELLI .


Anyway I have installed it and played it. It's quite fun and unique but is certainly lacking players and servers. It's really a word of mouth thing so the game is quite unknown

which is a shame because the mod team obviously put their heart and soul into this. So maybe some squads around here would like to check it out ?












1 ) IF YOU ALREADY OWN CRYSIS WARS (Either Regular or Steam Version) you can GOTO Step 6) below


2 ) IF YOU DON'T OWN CRYSIS WARS no problem you may DOWNLOAD the CRYSIS WARS TRIAL VERSION here (http://news.bigdownload.com/2008/10/06/download-crysis-wars-trial/) 2GB RAR File


3 ) Install the Crysis Wars Trial Version.


4 ) Next download the Crysis Wars Patch V1.5 here (http://www.gamefront.com/files/13691091/Crysis_Wars_patch_1_5)


5 ) Install the 1.5 Patch


6 ) Goto this link (http://www.desura.com/mods/casus-belli) and click the BLUE Install mod button on this Page


7 ) Create a DESURA account (Desura is a Steam like game dist site) NOTE: Your Desura Account Name will also be your Player Name in the game initially.



8 ) Install Casus Belli Mod.


Set up your LAN or Internet Game or Join someone else's and Have fun.

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