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Philosophy Behind the Release of FC3

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Philosophy Behind the Release of FC3

Although it was not stated in the original announcement, I wanted to share the motivation behind FC3 and the logic behind some of the choices we made.


With the current divide between FC2 and DCS, we felt there was an unneeded gap between the two products that only served divide the larger Eagle Dynamics product community. Further, those flying DCS online really had no dedicated fighter aircraft, just mud movers. For a more encompassing online experience, this needs to change.


Given that "DCS: Fighter" is still a ways off, we hope that FC3 will serve as a good bridge while we continue to flesh out the stable of DCS aircraft (both 1st and 3rd party). However, given the time window for this and the available resources, there was a lot of back and forth discussion internally of what we could and could not do in a reasonable time frame. In the end, a list of improvements was created that we believe will most benefit FC3. Many of these improvements though (like AAM AFM, resource manager, etc.) could not be specific to an FC3 install, rather they would have to be part of DCSW or it would break the game online. Make no mistake though that these features were specifically created for and budged for FC3.


As for the new and improved F-15C cockpit, work on this started about a year ago because we felt of all the FC aircraft, it is the most popular. That is not a slight to the eastern aircraft, nor any indication of some sort of western bias. While we would also have LOVED to include a new and improved MiG-29 or Su-27 cockpit, the time needed would fall well outside the product window. As someone that has been flying Eagle products since the original Flanker, I too look forward to a new Crane cockpit!


As mentioned before by our moderators that show boundless patience, it is not our decision regarding the requirement for a LOMAC installation. This was a stipulation with Ubisoft that allowed us to create these addons. However, this is also a big reason why FC3 will probably be the last LOMAC product.


Finally, on the matter of price, we price all products based on the financial investment compared to forecasted revenue based on two decades of experience. For those that think we make money hand over fist making these titles, you could not be more wildly mistaken. If we solely based price on what end users deemed the cost should be rather than based on actual development costs, we would have been out of business long ago. As it is, we are often lucky to break even on these products.

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