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I personally think for a flight sim such as the A-10 or black shark this is a bit of a non starter. There are so many controls to press that you would have problems with a mouse in the goggles. It may look better but I think it is going to slow down your responses to things as specially when in combat situation where you have many buttons to press all over the place at the same time as being shoot at.


Unless someone has a way round this?


Isn't this how real pilots have to do all those functions? Look at a button and push it. I definitely want one of these when they come out.


I was a bit nervous watching that video on the last page. Looks like if they don't offer some sort of scalability on the head movements, people will be smacking their faces into desks, walls, computer equipment and many other possible dangers.



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well here are there 226 different controls setting for the f-15, sure not all of them are needed but a lot of them are:-


Autopilot, Autopilot

Autopilot - 'Route following', Autopilot

Autopilot - Altitude And Roll Hold, Autopilot

Autopilot - Attitude Hold, Autopilot

Autopilot - Barometric Altitude Hold, Autopilot

Autopilot - Barometric Altitude Hold 'H', Autopilot

Autopilot - Radar Altitude Hold, Autopilot

Autopilot - Transition To Level Flight Control, Autopilot

", surc", Autopilot

Autothrust, Autopilot

Base/Distance, Axis Commands

Camera Horizontal View, Axis Commands

Camera Vertical View, Axis Commands

Camera Zoom View, Axis Commands

Cockpit camera move forward/backward, Axis Commands

Cockpit camera move lateral, Axis Commands

Cockpit camera move vertical, Axis Commands

Cockpit camera roll, Axis Commands

Horizontal View, Axis Commands

MFD Range, Axis Commands

Pitch, Axis Commands

Radar Horizontal, Axis Commands

Radar Vertical, Axis Commands

Roll, Axis Commands

Rudder, Axis Commands

TDC Slew Horizontal, Axis Commands

TDC Slew Vertical, Axis Commands

Thrust Left, Axis Commands

Thrust Right, Axis Commands

Vertical View, Axis Commands

Zoom View, Axis Commands

Attack My Target, Communications

Communication menu, Communications

Cover Me, Communications

Flight - Attack air defenses, Communications

Flight - Attack ground targets, Communications

Flight - Complete mission and RTB, Communications

Flight - Complete mission and rejoin, Communications

Join Up Formation, Communications

Request AWACS Available Tanker, Communications

Request AWACS Home Airbase, Communications

Switch dialog, Communications

Switch to main menu, Communications

Toggle Formation, Communications

Countermeasures Chaff Dispense, Countermeasures

Countermeasures Continuously Dispense, Countermeasures

Countermeasures Flares Dispense, Countermeasures

Countermeasures Release, Countermeasures

ECM, Countermeasures

Toggle Console, Debug

Trim Down, Flight Control

Trim Left, Flight Control

Trim Left Rudder, Flight Control

Trim Reset, Flight Control

Trim Right, Flight Control

Trim Right Rudder, Flight Control

Trim Up, Flight Control

Active Pause, General

End mission, General

Frame rate counter - Service info, General

Get new plane - respawn, General

Info bar coordinate units toogle, General

Info bar view toggle, General

Jump into other aircraft, General

Mouse cursor cockpit mode, General

Multiplayer chat - mode All, General

Multiplayer chat - mode Allies, General

Pause, General

Rearming and Refueling Window, General

Score window, General

Screenshot, General

Ship Take Off Position, General

Show controls indicator, General

Sound On/Off, General

Time accelerate, General

Time decelerate, General

Time normal, General

View briefing on/off, General

Kneeboard Next Page, Kneeboard

Kneeboard ON/OFF, Kneeboard

Kneeboard Previous Page, Kneeboard

Kneeboard current position mark point, Kneeboard

Kneeboard glance view, Kneeboard

All Labels, Labels

Missile Labels, Labels

Vehicle & Ship Labels, Labels

(1) Navigation Modes, Modes

(2) Beyond Visual Range Mode, Modes

(3) Close Air Combat Vertical Scan Mode, Modes

(4) Close Air Combat Bore Mode, Modes

(6) Longitudinal Missile Aiming Mode/FLOOD mode, Modes

" Next Waypoint, Airfield Or Target", Modes

Display Zoom In, Sensors

Display Zoom Out, Sensors

RWR/SPO Mode Select, Sensors

RWR/SPO Sound Signals Volume Down, Sensors

RWR/SPO Sound Signals Volume Up, Sensors

Radar On/Off, Sensors

Radar Pulse Repeat Frequency Select, Sensors

Radar RWS/TWS Mode Select, Sensors

Radar Scan Zone Decrease, Sensors

Radar Scan Zone Increase, Sensors

Scan Zone Down, Sensors

Scan Zone Left, Sensors

Scan Zone Right, Sensors

Scan Zone Up, Sensors

Target Designator Down, Sensors

Target Designator Left, Sensors

Target Designator Right, Sensors

Target Designator To Center, Sensors

Target Designator Up, Sensors

Target Lock, Sensors

Target Unlock, Sensors

Airbrake Off, Systems

Airbrake On, Systems

Audible Warning Reset, Systems

Canopy Open/Close, Systems

Dragging Chute, Systems

Eject (3 times), Systems

Engine Left Start, Systems

Engine Left Stop, Systems

Engine Right Start, Systems

Engine Right Stop, Systems

Flaps Landing Position, Systems

Flaps Up, Systems

Flaps Up/Down, Systems

Flight Clock Start/Stop/Reset, Systems

Fuel Dump, Systems

Gear Light Near/Far/Off, Systems

HUD Brightness down, Systems

HUD Brightness up, Systems

HUD Color, Systems

Illumination Cockpit, Systems

Jettison Fuel Tanks, Systems

Landing Gear Down, Systems

Landing Gear Up, Systems

Navigation lights, Systems

Refueling Boom, Systems

Smoke, Systems

F1 Cockpit view, View

F1 HUD only view switch, View

F1 Head shift movement on / off, View

F1 Natural head movement view, View

F10 Jump to theater map view over current point, View

F10 Theater map view, View

F11 Airport free camera, View

F11 Camera moving backward, View

F11 Camera moving forward, View

F11 Jump to free camera, View

F12 Civil traffic view, View

F12 Static object view, View

F12 Trains/cars toggle, View

F2 Aircraft view, View

F2 Toggle camera position, View

F2 Toggle local camera control, View

F2 View own aircraft, View

F3 Fly-By jump view, View

F3 Fly-By view, View

F4 Chase view, View

F4 Look back view, View

F5 Ground hostile view, View

F5 nearest AC view, View

F6 Released weapon view, View

F6 Weapon to target view, View

F7 Ground unit view, View

F8 Player targets/All targets filter, View

F8 Target view, View

F9 Landing signal officer view, View

F9 Ship view, View

Mouse Rate Fast, View

Mouse Rate Normal, View

Mouse Rate Slow, View

Zoom external in, View

Zoom external normal, View

Zoom external out, View

Zoom in slow, View

Zoom normal, View

Zoom out slow, View

Camera pan mode toggle, View Cockpit

Camera snap view down, View Cockpit

Camera snap view down-left, View Cockpit

Camera snap view down-right, View Cockpit

Camera snap view left, View Cockpit

Camera snap view right, View Cockpit

Camera snap view up, View Cockpit

Camera snap view up-left, View Cockpit

Camera snap view up-right, View Cockpit

Camera transpose mode on/off, View Cockpit

Center Camera View, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Back, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Center, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Down, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Forward, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Left, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Right, View Cockpit

Cockpit Camera Move Up, View Cockpit

Cockpit panel view in, View Cockpit

Cockpit panel view toggle, View Cockpit

Enable exploration mode, View Cockpit

Mirror Left On, View Cockpit

Mirror Right On, View Cockpit

Return Camera, View Cockpit

Return Camera Base, View Cockpit

Save Cockpit Angles, View Cockpit

Toggle Mirrors, View Cockpit

Zoom in, View Cockpit

Zoom out, View Cockpit

Camera jiggle toggle, View Extended

Keep terrain camera altitude, View Extended

Object exclude , View Extended

Objects all excluded - include, View Extended

Objects switching direction forward , View Extended

Objects switching direction reverse , View Extended

Toggle tracking fire weapon, View Extended

View all mode, View Extended

All missiles padlock, View Padlock

Lock View (cycle padlock), View Padlock

Lock terrain view, View Padlock

Threat missile padlock, View Padlock

Unlock view (stop padlock), View Padlock

Cannon, Weapons

Launch Permission Override, Weapons

Salvo Mode, Weapons

Weapon Change, Weapons

Weapon Fire, Weapons

Weapon Release, Weapons

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It looks like 50 percent of those are some type of view,solved with a rift,another 40 percent solved with a mapped HOTAS.The last 10 percent are end mission etc. I will concede that this would only work in a fully clickable cockpit.

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Don't get me wrong I think the rift us a great bit of kit, but I want to be able to control all function of the aircraft be it a a-10c, a Flaming Cliffs aircraft or anything other aircraft for that matter in the most effective way.


Personal I think this will slow me down in responding to situations. trying to fly the aircraft, looking for the correct panel and then trying to move the mouse around to click on it like in the a-10 will mean I get shoot down.

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There is a heck of a lot of commands in that list that have nothing to do with flying the aircraft.


I refuse to believe that the cut down nature of FC aircraft actually require more inputs than a much better modelled aircraft like the a10 or an f16 whose controls are similar to the hog.


When you remove all the rubbish from the list the reality is that you can control the aircraft from the hotas and people have been doing it without the keyboard for years. You only have to reference complete profiles for the saitek sticks dating back a bit.

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I'm using a reasonably capable HOTAS (x52) and using a modifier button, I don't remember the last time I had to use the keyboard for anything besides the F keys, escape, pause, and other non-flying tasks. Even then, they can be all dealt with by feel... I don't understand the keyboard argument. :joystick:

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I'm using a reasonably capable HOTAS (x52) and using a modifier button, I don't remember the last time I had to use the keyboard for anything besides the F keys, escape, pause, and other non-flying tasks. Even then, they can be all dealt with by feel... I don't understand the keyboard argument. :joystick:



I agree, I find this argument very odd.


The non click able cockpits really have very few controls. And I don't think I would have any problem using the mouse while not being able to see it for the clickable pits. I never look at it anyway, there is no need to.


The only problem would probably for users without a HOTAS controller.


Actually, looking back at the first page of this thread, even Wags seems to think not being able to see the keyboard would be a problem! Has he played his own sim with HOTAS or click-able cockpit :) ? Yesterday I was flying the Su25a, I used the keyboard once to press escape and exit the mission. I was also flying the A10C...same thing, one key..ESC to exit :D


It will be a damn shame if DCS doesn't support this. The enjoyment and immersion boost this will tech will bring far out weigh any minor issues with the keyboard.

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I agree, plus, those who still feel the need to look at and use their keyboard for everything still have the option to not use the rift. It should only be an option for those who have purchased it, it's not like anyone is forcing you to use a rift.

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Is the keyboard thing STILL not done yet? Jeez...


Does anybody force users to use anything beyond a joystick in DCS? People just want to have the option to use it because it really adds to the game. And of course it also has some downsides, but please name me one input or output device that has only positive sides...


I'd even pay for Rift support in DCS and something tells me I'm not alone with that. ED are already delivering a ridiculously detailed product for the price, I don't expect any freebies from them, in fact I'd love it if they would up their prices a bit so they can work with a bit more resources so getting things done gets easier for them. If adding a feature is a big project in itself, nobody expects them to do it for free.


If somebody doesn't need it, so be it. But the people who want it should have the option to get it. And if it was a paid addon, no resources would have to be directed away from ongoing efforts like EDGE or the F-18, you just get additional guys to do it. Everybody wins.


Except the folks who still think a keyboard is unusable with a Rift and therefore the Rift is not to be supported. They don't win, they just don't lose anything, hence shouldn't have a say in the matter. Sorry to be so blunt, but I had to.

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You can see the keyboard, or you can use in game clickable pits, or you can use a keyboard screen overlay. And that's just the solutions available right now- sensors gloves are coming, hand recognition hardware already exists. Let's all be 'why not' thinkers here. Mature VR is going to be the best thing for the flight sim industry since the personal computer.


Looking forward to any and all updates from ED on Rift implementation.

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I think that oculus rift is still sold as development kit. I bet may of us would want to say that we tried it. Hopefully Matt and ED got one and will shine some light on DCS and RIFT




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Is there anyways to play this game with the Oculus Rift at present, including any 3rd party support?


The short answer is 'almost'. The long answer is here:



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