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Mission 10.. HOLY ....!!!

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Really? I just spent almost my entire afternoon beating my joystick and questioning whether I should even go to flight school this fall or just give up my pipe dream of flying.


The first thing that I hope they change in this mission is the starting mph. It's waaaayyy too high! They start you out above 300mph!!! And the first ring is just ahead. I tried pulling back on the throttle immediately but the plane is simply going too fast.


I've found it extremely hard to manuever through this obsticle course due to the floating behavior of the plane when applying so much rudder and then changing direction real quickly! The plane start to slide all over the place. If you go too slow (below 150mph), then you are dead. Controlling the speed is ridiculously difficult.


The only way I was able to get through this the 2 times out of over 30 is to simply overshoot some rings, exit the trenches, circle around, and reenter at a better angle. Unfortunately, I had to do it so many times that it made the mission almost boring instead of exhilarating.


God, I guess I really can't fly very well... :mad:

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Try dropping flaps as an air brake. Works for me.




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It is difficult - but it is also fun :)





Agreed. It's very very challenging, but man, you are in a high adrenaline situation for sure! I love low level flying!


I wish P51 has some low flying chases like that when fighting. That would be crazy! Also want to see some fancy flying in the cloud tops!

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Is that the one going through the city? What a blast! .. I found keeping the airspeed 200-250 is best and I never touched the rudder pedals, just trimmed the rudder when I really, really needed it. I was throwing the Mustang all over the place that I didn't have time to really worry if it was all cleaned up or not..

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