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The best lock on movie of all time?

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I was just wondering what u all thought the best movie of all time was.

For me, it has to be superior fighters by glowing amraam with ghostriders a close second... love that out-take.


Please post your selection and author. A link too would be great if possible

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there's just too many and I'm sorry that I don't have links.


Anything from GA, think I like superior fighters and OSC and the new one the most.


But there's so many others.


LockOnSTE 1 and 3 and Lockon_Dogfight from tigrou

Unleash Hell from Little Donkey

Training Day I - IV from Six Week Rabbits (?)

Maximum G from locsta

Ghostriders from highground

Intercept from me (hehe just kidding)


and who knows how many movies that I just can't remember right now

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Guest IguanaKing

Where do I find some of these movies? Forgive my ignorance, I haven't really followed the movie-making threads, but I am suddenly interested in making my own.

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Dont forget the humour of Bill et John ROFL (still funny on the 30th viewing)





IguanaKing try these sites to start with......








Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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Best Lock On Movie of all Time


I 've got a funny gauge (meter) for measureing the Best LO movie.

They are the ones my wife hates the most.


A-10 Tribute: by (AeA)- Deez,

Great editing and great music, Saliva

Great shots of real action and LOTS of mudd

being moved around


Retaliation; by RuggButt,

Great action and editing and Click Click Boom

This Video makes me want to jump out of the window

of my SOHO and explode when I hit the ground



I've played both these Vid's 100 times.

My wife really hates these two Vid's


I also must include an Su-25 Vid


Su-25 Frog or Prince: by Flanker Film Works

Russian Music and great action not a second wasted

in this movie_well done, Sead action is great


Easy to see I am an ordinance freek !



Christopher M

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No fear is my all time favorite. Hands down. The story within the flick, the mucic. Etc.

Told you once before LOC, You have talent. You should not take it for granted and you should go all the way.

Your, No Fear, says that No Fear 2 might be in production in your credits. I for one, encourage that endeavor.

Don’t like to see talents as yours or Glowing Ammram going to waste.


It’s been a privilege to fly with you and hope to see your talents grow within these parametres.


That’s my opinion on it. Man sorry for my grammar guys. I do suck at it, but I'm a frenchy by default, lol.


Vive le Québec Libre


Cheers mates

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My favourite is "Stay Out Of The Clouds" by Andrew_MCP.It has great editing,nice musics that blend with the movie and some very good action.


Then the second part of the 3GO movie comes for me,again great action and editing.Chinese radio comms make it much more interesting too.


After those,"blow stuff up" videos comes.Which locsta,ruggbut and glowing amraam(not all of his movies are "blow stuff up",but most) rules :)

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No Fear is the best one in my book, but everyone has there own taste. i will say that the majority are magic tho, but there are a few with that something else added that makes them just kewl to watch over and over again....



that NAM one i watched a few weeks ago, with some editing that could be a real monster of a movie. whoever made it, tweak it up and re-release it ;)

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Christopher m - good choices there....

If (like me) you rated Ruggbutts Retaliation for its Click Click Boom music track plus slick editing, you absolutely must check out A10A ThunderboltII by Gib007 (find it on Lockonskins). The Die Mother F**er, Die Mother F**er, Die! music track plus seriously slick editing should have you running back inside to jump out the window a 2nd time! Clever use of more chilled music and real A-10 footage behind the credits to calm you back down again. More please Gib007.......


As for the excellent Frog or Prince, besides the clever tracking shots (through the radar antenna, through the railway bridge, passing the truck on the road) what I also like about it is the way every turn seems designed to deliberately showcase Lockon's excellent graphics and nice shadowing.

Next time you watch it, just look at the shadows - after passing the truck, the way the sun catches the missiles as the aircraft banks slightly; the lighting changes on the underside on the turns after each first attack; just before the 2nd missile is fired, the way the shadow of one missile is cast on another. Beautiful stuff....


Evil Scot - i agree with you, NAM by (504) GetsNo is a clever piece of work too, perfect music choices and clever use of older Lockon AI and typical 'Nam weather to give it a real 60's feel and so different to the usual Lockon movie. More ground units could be added M60's and M113's, maybe recreate the Apocalpse Now helo assault from the sea, use some F-5's etc....


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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There's too many good ones to choose a best one. Alot of the fantastic ones have been mentioned here already.

So true. "The Best One" is still to be made ;)

51PVO Founding member (DEC2007-)

100KIAP Founding member (DEC2018-)


:: Shaman aka [100☭] Shamansky

tail# 44 or 444

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] 100KIAP Regiment Early Warning & Control officer

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Guest ruggbutt

For you F18 fans, I'm putting together one that (hopefully) will feature an animated F18 cockpit. My concept is that you'll see the engine startup sequence on the carrier. Gauges moving, INS becoming active, etc.


It'll probably be a months worth of work for a 10 second clip...............;)

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my take is my good friend GA's Operation crieman thunder.


the next has to be his OSC


the next is maximum G


the next is ground targets.


next is the tales of fallen series.


a lot more....


I do like ste movies...but I love the movie like movies which have plots in them.

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Oh,and training days of course.It was made with Lockon 1.0 if I remember correctly.Anyone has link for it? :)



here's the link where you can download it




oh, and its called "Traning Day" ;)


for those who hasent seen this movie, its a must see. I personally think its the best movie ever made.


The download is a 4 part one, and the files is large. But then you get the high res version. Its worth the download!


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