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O.T Anyone live in or near Northamptonshire?


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dude, dont worry about the piss takin, the people on these forums are generally well behaved and are above the so called piss takin so i cant forsee any problems there ;) , however gettin back to your main point, I would help out if i lived near you but i live north of the border, but if you cant get anyone to help out close by then you are more than welcome to join my server, which is private where some basic tutition can be given, if you have Teamspeak and a headset/microphone you are good to go.

we have a few people on the server, not alot as we think its better with a few dedicated people who like to fly and are all easy going, but if you prefer 1-1 training til you get aquainted with the game then thats also no problem. Ping wont be a problem since we both in the UK so it should be pretty smooth for you depending on your connection and PC...


If you are interested then PM me and I will give you the server info...


Welcome to the forums mart....

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(insert plug for own two-seater training mods here)






F15D and Su27UB - both dual-control aircraft for Lomac v1.02. Use Teamspeak, too.



In other news - I would have been in Northamptonshire, but BAR-Honda refused to hire me :p


I'm willing to fly the backseat in the Su27UB (don't fly the F15 much), but don't have a TeamSpeak server.

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It's a Formula One racing team - British American Racing. Honda now has a 45% stake in the company, hence the slight name-change.



If you want to check out the mod, there are readmes in the file - the download zip files contain a pair of Loman-compatible zip files and a small readme, and the really interesting info is contained in the Loman-compatible zip files.


You'll also need Lomac v1.02 - the code for dual-control was removed on the way to Flaming Cliffs.


Something you may find interesting is that haven't yet used the mods myself - I was on 28.8k when I made them, so while I could build them from theory and email them out to test, I couldn't try them myself.

Nobody complained during testing or a couple of thousand downloads that the instructions don't work, so I'll just have to follow them :p


Anyway, to refresh myself with basic flying of the Su27 . . . . grin.

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Welcome to Lockon Martin!!


If you have any questions regarding Lockon, this is the place to be, as mentioned above, this community is quite different than most others, here people help eachother out.


Unfortunatly I dont live anyway near you, but having a lot of experience with helping neurological challenged I might be of some help from a distance, if needed....




Brit Glider Pilot, you can use our TS server if you want, just give me a shout, Ill set you up with the details.


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Thanks Everyone


Thanks everyone for your help, which was really appreciated. I have edited my first post so that any new poor soul won't have the faintest idea what the rest of you are on about!!


Your assistance was really welcome, but I no longer wish to pursue it.

I am continually surprised by people's kindness. I won't be revisiting the thread, so it's effectively closed, but many thanks. Happy flying!


Martin :)

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