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I believe in this sim the Mig29 is the best looking fighter


If you are talking about the best looking models the first one should be the Su-25T lol. But i agree the MiG-29 does look really good, too bad i have a cockpit zoom problem with it so i can't use it anymore :icon_evil Anyway...ranking in second should be the F-18. The Su-33 is cool but the nose of the aircraft (same goes with the Su-27 and almost all the other aircraft) is kinda jagged. I wish ED would fix up the old flyable models, or fix the cockpit zoom in the patch so i can fly with that bird again!


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So when is the movie coming out?

"Я ошеломлён, но думаю об этом другими словами", - некий гражданин

Ноет котик, ноет кротик,

Ноет в небе самолетик,

Ноют клумбы и кусты -

Ноют все. Поной и ты.

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