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So any plans for...

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Get your friends to get a v1.02 install, and follow this link:




Su27UB and F15D two-seaters in v1.02 - it was an experimental Instructor mode as part of the LAN code.


The bad news is that it disappeared with the LAN code, so isn't with v1.1. The possibility to reintroduce it is there, but it has to be coded from scratch again now.



Anyway . . . with a v1.02 install, you can indeed fly a two-seater over the interweb. It's all in the readmes, so just download and check it out :)

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Install LOMAC 1.00 and apply the patches to 1.2.. then copy and paste the LOMAC 1.2 folder to somewhere like my Documents

THen you can install FC 1.1 and that should overwrite files in your program files LOMAC 1.2 directory.


When you want to run 1.02 just run the .exe from My documents, and when you want to run 1.1 just run the exe in your program files directory.


The ability to use two seaters in v1.02 was very cool, and shows alot of potential. :D

I was fortunate enough to be able to do a few carrier traps with a WSO/RIO on board, in having two computers on a LAN network... it also works across the internet... and works very well I might add.


Mum was the best damn rio I ever had... =P

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