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My Pilot seat feat. Warthog

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I wen t the same way, separate chair and desk.

I still unsatisfyed with the keyboard placement which by the way is almost as yours in the blueprint.

I wish i could find a solution whre keyboard remain fully functional. But it s hard to think in something with the very limited kind of stuff i have acess to.

I went the car chair solution.

Congrats Agent, your set is beautifull mine is butt ugly and shall maybe onlyugly in the final version.

HaF 922, Asus rampage extreme 3 gene, I7 950 with Noctua D14, MSI gtx 460 hawk, G skill 1600 8gb, 1.5 giga samsung HD.

Track IR 5, Hall sensed Cougar, Hall sensed TM RCS TM Warthog(2283), TM MFD, Saitek pro combat rudder, Cougar MFD.

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That is one of the best candidates that I've seen for being likely to pass the spouse acceptance test.


Nicely done!

That was the first in the list of features - to get my wife`s approval. :thumbup:

Рад что оценили ))

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