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Dimebug Free stencil A-10C cocpkit project

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Hey guys, I just wanted to post a thank you for DimeBug and let you know there is now one more Dimebug A-10C console in the world. So far it's just the left console, but I'm definitely going to assemble the right side as well and probably the front one but not right away.


Mine is crafted from 1/2" thick PVC sheet and will be one of the numerous swappable modular sections for my motion sim cockpit.


Demo of my 6DOF Motion VR Sim:

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I did start some stuff for the Huey. I love this helo :)


I have the front panel template done but that's all... need more dimension for the main parts of the Cockpit.


Also build an Armement panel, a caution panel and engine control panel.

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A question.

What is the purpose for the second piece of 776x834x18 plywood?

It's in the list of parts but I cannot figure out what it is meant to be used for.


One 776x834 is used for the "cloison avant" and the 550x341 is the "dessus", but the second 776x834?


I was asking myself the same, yesterday, after I came back from the hardwarestore, where I bought my sheets of wood. :-)


So, did you figure out, aniron?

sharkfin out!

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New to this forum after watching the warthog project on YouTube and discovering the plans he linked to all lead to broken links.  I would like to get the plans for the a10 simpit.. I see there are left and right consoles.. am I right in saying the seat plans are no longer available?   

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If you are after the plans for the MDF and plywood structure, then you can buy them from Flim, by e-mailing him.  I forget the price, but you paypal him the money, he sends you the plans! Flim@VRPits.com  For your money, you get both left, right and centre console design files and the ACES II ejection seat plans.


If you are talking about The Warthog Project design files, he has put them on his google drive for everyone to use, but these are mostly just his panels; https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z59O9Jm_eC7cVa87EAuP3n8En37JtDxY

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