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Want to get FC 2

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Hello all.


I realy want to get Flaming Cliffs 2.


I am a full time student again after many years. So my budget is non-existant.


In the requirements for FC2 I see that one need LOMAC.


Here is my problem. I have LOMAC that I bought in South Africa.

I think it is the UK version that was sold here.


Now the cheapest (Hastle free for me.) FC2 one I can get is from Amazon USA.


Does any one here know if I can use the UK LOMAC with the USA FC2?:huh:



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It doesn't matter... FC2 installer checks only Registry key string for presence of for LO1 path folder .

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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