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Movie: Lock On - F15C Stunt movie *REVISED*

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Hello folks.


I am not quite done with the military, but i re-edited this movie which i made a long time ago. It feels like a new movie now.


So without any more jabbering, here it is:


*right click ---> save as...*




Thanks to Patrick for hosting it for me! :D




And here is a pic showing off all the sounds that i used, and how they are placed within Vegas.



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Thanks G_A! Good movie.

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I gotta tell you for a guy that knows absolutely nothing about how these videos are made, I am totally impressed with the talent. Sometimes its difficult at best and I have to remind myself this is only a video and not the real thing. Are these videos made of some super computer or basically just the run of the mill computer? Great job, I really enjoy the videos and the talent you bring to the table. Keep em comin. I'm a real fan.



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Lol, this thread is waay over 1 year old. No wonder the link is dead.¨

But, if you really want to watch this very old movie of mine, you can find it here:



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Thanks :) I noticed I have that movie already in my collection.

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