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"DCS: A-10C Warthog" Patch Available




Prior to installing this patch, version must be installed.


As with the previous patch, this is not the final patch of A-10C but a further step forward. We plan to address more issues in

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17 April 2011


For Mission briefing option now available while in mission after pressing ESC key.


For Mission debriefing available while in flight.


A-10C release candidate version for Steam in testing this weekend.

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26 May 2011


Team trying to fix an MP ATC issue, and after doing so, will create a new installer this weekend. Hope 2 release next week if all is good.


Because will form the basis for the Russian and North American boxed versions, we are being very careful to make sure this is a high-quality release with no major bugs. change log updated: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=73628

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19 August 2011 Update


19 August 2011


Sorry for the long drought in updates. Current the team is mostly focused on the Black Shark update, the next A-10C patch, the Nevada terrain, and our next DCS aircraft. Speaking of the Nevada terrain, here are a few new images that highlight the dynamic terrain shadowing system of our new terrain engine being used for Nevada, Eagle Dynamics Terrain Engine (EDGE).


Hope you like them.











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