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Designating Targets

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In reality. The best aircraft to deal with things like Shilkas and close in AA systems would be something like the Apache.


But that is not what you asked. With Shilka you can stay high above him and he can not touch you.


In my opinion the best two aircraft with dealing with this type of threat is the Su-25T and A-10.


With both aircraft you can use RWR to detect bearing of ground based AA.

With A-10 you can now ID Shilka exactly.


Su you can know that it is a short range ground based radar and get signal strenght to tell you how close you are (H - Third light from the right on RWR.).


You can use the IR pod on Su to look for targets at a distance.


With A-10 you can use the IR Maveric the same way.


Just zoom out and keep distance from target area. Then start scanning. It does not matter if you can not identify the targets. Look for those dots that are by their lonesome. Or in an obvious stationary AA placement. Or placed alongside a convoy route to protect it. Also look for those vehicles that are escorting a platoon or company, usually at the back of a formation.


You can then come in closer for a look. You do not have to see a lot of detail to make out multiple guns pointing skyward and a radar or SAM launcher sticking out of the top. Remember once you have detected the loner you can designate him and zoom in to see what he is. If you are familiar with the different vehicles you can easily ID by just looking at the outline. Nothing else look like Shilka. Turret is very big in relation to the body.


I only have Lock On 1 (No nothing about Su-25T.) and Black Shark. I am a student again (After 13 years.), so I don't have a budget any more!


I do not bother that much to ID these targets. Have blown up civlian vehicles because of this a couple of times, but what the hell. If you want to make an omlet you have got to break a couple of eggs.:thumbup:


But it will be the best to take out short range SAMs first and then just bomb from higher up.


If they have better SAM cover (Like say SA-15.). Focus on your main targets with Mavs then bug out. "If every man does his best, what else is there."; Gen. G. S. Patton. Or wait till convoy move away from protection and then take out AA escorts.


If Shilka is stationary without any SAM cover you can easilly kill him with a Mk 82. If he is moving you can still take him out with a cluster bomb, but then it will be easier to miss him.


Hope this helps.

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ok you guys are completely missing my point. In FC1 you can select which targets you want certain aircraft to take out, same thing with PCA, but how do you do it in FC2? Thats what I want to know, not to mention the Shilka isnt stupid and engages me from where ever I am, thats not the point though, I wanted to know this information for my film. Kind of a pain in the ass when you cant find the vehicles you are shooting at and they kill you 8 times in a row. :mad:

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