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TRACK IR 5.1 FINAL Released

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HaF 922, Asus rampage extreme 3 gene, I7 950 with Noctua D14, MSI gtx 460 hawk, G skill 1600 8gb, 1.5 giga samsung HD.

Track IR 5, Hall sensed Cougar, Hall sensed TM RCS TM Warthog(2283), TM MFD, Saitek pro combat rudder, Cougar MFD.

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What, No new futures ?


Oh come on tweak me ! I didn't notice. :doh:


Yet, I sense that it's still needed to be downloaded, since it may interfere with proper profile updates and/or game recognition etc.

DCS F16C 52+ w JHMCS ! DCS AH64D Longbow !

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It happened to me also Rasputin, you need to right click on "Computer", go to "device manager", select your TrackIR device, right click on it and go to properties. From there you need to update the driver. It will be recognized after that...


Hey thanks! This did the trick



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sweet! thanks!

Inno3d RTX 2070 Twin X2, ASUS STRIX Z270E Gaming, Intel i7 7700K, 32GB Corsair vengeance, Kingston Hyper X FPS Alloy Cherry MX Red, Logitech G102 Prodigy, Track Ir 5, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Combat Rudder pedals, Beyer Dynamic DT770, Acer CB280HK 4K monitor, Win 10 Pro 64bit

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