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Hope for another FC2 compatibility patch


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The new updated DCS:A-10C FAQ says:


Q: Is DCS: A-10C Warthog online-compatible with DCS: Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2?

A: We hope to be able to release a compatibility upgrade for DCS: Black Shark. This would give Black Shark all the features of A-10C, except the flyable A-10C. A compatibility upgrade for FC2 is being considered.


It wasn't worded like that before today:


Q: Will DCS: A-10C Warthog be online-compatible with DCS: Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2?

A: We hope to be able to release a compatibility patch for DCS: Black Shark after release. This would give Black Shark all the features of A-10C, except the flyable A-10C. Compatibility with FC2 is unlikely.


I hope it's not just marketing, and something went up in the dev pipe for FC2. a Word from them would be nice.

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A change of word, patch for upgrade, changed your mind? I just want blackshark and fc2 compatibility patch and I don't want to pay more for it, I already paid. New airplanes? new maps? afm for stock airplanes? dynamic campaign system? sure I'd pay, but compatibility patch, no I don't think it's ok, it's part of product basic maintenance (obvious for DCS:Ka-50, I admit debatable for FC2). Next thing will be paying for forum access..oh wait, that's not new XD


Oh btw, congratulations!


PD: everybody, realize we are talking smoke here, nothing official said about it, just speculation because a change of wording!

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I would say possible reason to change patch to upgrade is because there are lot of new features in A-10C so this is more considered as an upgrade then just compatibility patch.


I am not sure I'd want FC2 to be compatible with it because of now very large difference in fidelity... really FC2 is like a game compared to A-10C (well and BS too), only reason I would like to see "FC3" is because untill there are any fighters in DCS level at least there would be decent graphical improvement for FC2...hm... but now when I think about it them saying they are considering it, it tells me they are not likely to make a fighter as next DCS module... but I could be wrong... either way it would mean good 1/2 year or more for them to make this "patch".


Anyway, personally I won't be getting all hyped about it and will rather take it for granted that FC2 will not be worked on more and hope fighter makes into next DCS module... if not I am certain FC2 will be gone from my hard disk soon... it no longer ranks as a good sim any more since IL-2 CoD will be out soon and DCS BS and A-10C are already much above it in simulation level.

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They should leave FC2 to the MODs. It's too old for DCS.

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No it wouldn't make sense to dump FC2 in my opinion.


Although the FC2 jets are simpler, they do fill out the multiplayer. Look at the kind of combined servers we have running now and how great it is to have the ka-50 along with the jets. Add the A-10C working against the Su-25t and the Ka-50 and it will be awesome MP.


Also compared to many other sims excluding Falcon, FC2 is not that simple. It's good enough to allow the weapons to be thrown around in our online maps.


As for whether to pay or not - people who said they've already paid: No you haven't already paid. You've paid for the original FC2. Not the new FC2 with new engine, new graphics, new AI, and updated map.


Whether we have to pay or not I don't care, I just want to see the series stay together.


DCS: Fighter or whatever may be next will be a long time coming. To dump off FC2 would limit the multi-role fun of this series being limited to ground attack only.


I like to do a bit of everything and I'm not the only one.

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Not that it matters much because it's not my call, but I'm more interested in the DCS series than spending time and resources blending the simplified LOMAC series with the more complex DCS series. Especially with the A-10C. There is a HUGE gap between putting weapons on targets for the C than anything else in LOMAC, including the Toad (favourite lomac aircraft). It's going to be a trick getting BLACK SHARK up to speed with A-10C so in terms of compatibility and progress towards the next module I'd rather keep it DCS.


Again not my call and if they do release a FC3 i'll be all over it. It's just not a preference of mine in any regard.

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Well, this thread was made for me I think. So, I have to post what I have already posted 100x since now that there is a dedicated thread for it :)


Move ahead with DCS:Fighter, forget the time on FC2. FC2 has the same fighters at the same fidelity as Lock On released in 2003. It has been a looonnnggg wait and still there is more time to wait. A2G aircraft has been great, but you are missing half of what makes modern air combat in DCS so far. Give us that have supported LO since 2003 what most of us would like. A DCS:Fighter please. Just an opinion of mine of course, but I think fan wise I may be correct.


The taste of Ka-50 and A-10 only makes me want a fighter with the same detail that much more.


edit: Now if you tell me that they can make FC2 compatible with A-10C and there would be no delay with the next DCS module. I'll prepay for that patch right now.

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I don't have a problem with the paying, because that's what todays market dictates.

Just come out and say it, no body in there right mind will protest. I guess I'm being misunderstood with my post.


I'm stating facts based on todays marketing considering theres over a million for FPS but well under 100,000 for flight Sims.


So it would be well understood to pay for a patch or upgrades.


I hope this doesn't get deleted; I have been on this subject all day and they keep getting deleted. Why, I'm merrily stating the obvious and logical solutions to flight simming.



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The miracle would be an DCS US and RUS fighter package ... imagine just imagine ...


DCS Fighters featuring F-16C and SU-27SM ... **** in my pants.




Then you have the issue of waiting longer for the 2 than the 1, as well as ED waiting longer to sell the 2 before the 1 and collecting revenue. Still, it would be awesome.

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I must admit I am heavily undecided on whether continued compatibility between DCS and FC2 is a worthwhile venture. For instance you have the added marketing benefit of multiple products being compatible online, thus possibly generating cross IP interest. I'd be utterly shocked if BS/WH owning players weren't intrigued at the thought of playable fighter aircraft or if a A-10A pilot became jealous of A-10C pilots using JDAMs, LGBs, and the litening pod only available from DCS:WH. On the downside you have vastly different levels of cockpit avionics and flight model characteristics between the two thus creating an obvious game imbalance and likely fostering a heated divide of opinion amongst the community.


A gameplay imbalance would be most obvious between A-10A and the A-10C, but even then its a seemingly trivial issue. Its an issue of easier to fly and simple avionics vs more difficult overall but more advanced and capable. But it isn't that huge of an issue as servers and missions can be setup however the admins or mission builders decide to set it up.


I guess the only thing that matters to me is whether or not ED decides to make DCS/FC2 compatible with WH. Even if the impact of adding the A-10C to the FC2 gameworld is trivial it creates an expectation of continued DCS/FC2 compatibility for future releases. If their plan is to keep em compatible I'm all for it, but if they plan to break the compatibility I'd rather them do it now than to cut it off further down the line.

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I want a patch LO-A10C. Without any fighters around flying only A-10C and BS will be boring a bit... Taking in consider long frame time of new plane it will take very long till we get 2 fighters where that could bring LO enjoyment in rich planes environment. Patch would fill the gap.


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I think that's an obvious market opportunity for ED. Most of the customers want 2 things: realistic modeling and/or Fighter jets. Discrepancies in opinions come from which one has more priority.

ED's number 1 priority should be making profit, therefore taking advantage from every market opportunity. Patching FC to include A10C's new features is one of these.


I don't know about others, but personally I didn't buy the first DCS modules but would rather buy a new FC extension until ED releases fighter modules(F-16C vs MiG-29S or F-15C vs Su-27SM).



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I guess some people are happy with the avionics, flight modelling of current FC2 fighters. That is fine, it is your opinion. I on the other hand want the same detail as A-10C for a fighter, any fighter. It has been many years that we had the same fighters from LO. People may start looking for their fighter fix somewhere else ie IL-2 COD etc. In a way, the wait for a DCS fighter may mean market share loss. Don't get me wrong though. I know that this is just my opinion and there are many reasons for ED to decide what they do and they do it extremely well. I will support with my $ what ever they do, but I may not be so involved without a shiny new fighter some time soon personally.

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