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Bizarre 6800GT graphic anomalies

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I see the exact same thing happening with the cockpit on occasion, doesn't happen all the time. My card though is an eVGA 6800 Ultra, drivers are 77.72


The fact that it happens on 3 different machines, as well as on mine, also counting that there are no other problems in any other game/environment lead me to believe that it isn't a physically damaged or faulty card. Perhaps just unlucky combination of chipset drivers and system settings.


Also, for some reason it only seems to happen with the A-10, no other jets for me. That the same for you?

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my problem is stuttering frame rates at certain angles>?




funny when you read posts like these nearly every 1 starts off with, including me =all other games are fine,



lockon had its chance in my book sadly its failed,

due to the terrible bug list and shoot in the dark fixes? and statements.=..

its your system ..yea right .......





time to move on = fighter ops is on the horizon ...and am seeing and hearing great things, just have to wait and see for this sim to?

.............................will still play this till the new sim is out,

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Hi, don't know if this will help?..


I had the same anomalies and hard reeboots with my Gainward gs 6800gt

so I took my case cover off to find that one of my fans on my 6800gt wasn't working!


so I emailed Overclockers UK for a RMA and they said I could RMA it.


But I found that sometimes the fan spins up and sometimes it dosn't,(so It was over heating)and when it

dosn't I just help it on its way with a quick flick of my finger (lol..sound's like I'm with the ex missus!)


So I havn't RMA'd it (can't do with out my lock-on!) and It works fine..gl ;)

Be Good..Be Strong..:drink: ;)


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Few tips and suggestions for you.

Ive noticed alot of people having problems with Nvidias new drivers here and there.

Have you tried the 71.xx drivers or slightly higher?

AGP Aperture set to 256(256meg card) or 128(128meg card).

Fast write OFF.

Thats all Ican think of now.

Hope it may help.




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The game itself generally works perfectly, and this error doesn't always happen, nor is it a showstopper.


Only reason I mentioned that everything else works fine is because I really doubt it is a hardware error or failure. First this only happens with the Hog, second other testing like 3DMark turn up fine, temps are in line.


I just think it is the current drivers which have a bug or two. I will wait for the next set which will hopefully be better. I don't think this is a fault of LOMAC nor EDs directly, though if they could put a word in to nVidia it would be nice. The latest Catalyst drivers seem to have specific LOMAC optimisations, I wish nVidia would do that...

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It sure can be frustrating. and it looks like we lost yet another player. Daw- gawn-it! BTW all, it's NOT your systems. LOMAC is real finicky about what is in its box. It can co-exist with your configuration, but if it doesn't like something, it will throw a tantrum . . . from weird video problems, to just abruptly shutting your box off. Yes, LOMAC owns your box. But that's our prodigal son. It can do things nothing else can . . .well, so far. (F4 is out and fighterops looks good too). Eagle is aware of this, but they need to get even more serious about fixing this stability stuff . . .and providing FREE patches. (BTW and FYI, 1.02 is no longer supported with FREE patches. You have to BUY 1.1) UBI tech support is no help. . . and yes, we're out here "shootin in the dark". Competition is around the corner.


However in the mean time, if your hardware is modern and stable, here's what WILL work. Compared to banging into walls for weeks, it's (relatively) cheap and easy. Get an old ATA 66, 5$, 10 gig harddrive from your local 'puter repair shop. Fully overwrite with "XXX"s, Fdisk/Format and clean install non SP2 XP. Do not update the XP install. Install LOMAC, your stick drivers/programs and all the basics (drivers, DX9c, etc.) No other programs . . yet. LOMAC will run here.


If it wasn't the best, why bother. But so far, it's still the best.

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