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X52 Profile

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I'm currently working on a X52 profile for LOMAC 1.1


It will include 3 modes, which will be doubled by using pinkie:

Mode 1 (+pinkie) -Taking Off/NAvigation/Landing

Mode 2 (+pinkie) -Air to Air

Mode 3 (+pinkie) -Air to Ground


I'm using the default keys for the profile but I came to a point where there is a combination of keys that I can't figure how to programme in the profile.

The combination in question is Right windows+Home and Right Windows+End (Engine Start and Engine Stop).

Of course I could change the key for combination, which I already did (CTRL instead of Right Windows) and that solves the problem.

However, as I'm thinking in releasing the profile I rather use the complete default key actions.


Any one can give me a hand in order to figure out how to programme this combination in the profile? Every time I press the button it only assumes I'm pressing Home or End, and thus the Engine won't start or stop


Other then that the work is going well with many of the functions already tested in game and working perfectly.

I'll probably still change some functions from one button to another in order to make it easier and more intuitive to use.

After all it will have almost all the functions programmed to buttons, hat and axes


Many thanks

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Hi Branco

Hopefully this will work for you it does on my system.

In profiler. Rt. click on the button you would like to use.

Click on new key presses

Click on red dot to disable recording mouse clicks.

Press Rt Widows and hold press home or end.

Release both.

Rt click on button icons

click quantize time

click 0.00

click ok


Good luck with it :)

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Thanks, but I've already tried macro, advanced command and several quantitize time levels but always with some result. I'm keeping the CTRL+Home and CTRL+End for now.


If, until I've finished the profile, I can't figure out how to make it work I'll release it with a note referring to the key change.


Among others, slider controls flaps where all positions are available, MFD's zoom controlled by rotary, trim by hat, with possibility to reset trim and cursor movement by throttle mini-mouse.

I use Track IR 3Pro+Vector, so I'm not going to program any keys for player head view movement.

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