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Dear users, We are pleased to announce the new User Support System website. The new system will allow you to submit support requests as "tickets" and communicate with support staff using the website directly, thus minimizing delivery reliability issues when using email. The User Support System can be found at [url]https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/[/url]. The User Support System and the User Files system currently share one database. If you already have an account in the User Files section, the same account will be used for the User Support System. We urge users to register with either the User Files or User Support System pages and use the website to communicate with support staff. Emails sent to ED support mailboxes will be automatically generated as support tickets in the User Support System. If the email account of the user is registered in the User Support System or User Files websites, the ticket will be automatically tied to the user account. If the email account of the user is not registered with either site, communication can proceed via email only. When sending messages to support staff using either the website or email, make sure to include the unique ticket ID (for example [TID#86]). Note, the entire body of the email will be received as one message, so fully quoted messages will make the body unreadable. Because we cannot guarantee the delivery reliability of emails, we urge you to use the website directly. Thank you. Edited by NineLine
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