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How to re-calibrate Saitek X52?

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I've got a problem with my X52 Pro, and I'd like to re-calibrate it (Windows Vista). I tried reinstalling it but it didn't work.


My rudder is messed up. When I apply left rudder, it will actually translate into right rudder for a few seconds before translating into the proper left rudder. Right rudder works fine.


I don't know if it's a software issue or the joystick has a short....

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Open joystick control panel by clicking on profiler icon in system tray and try joystick twist there.


You can do it in game controllers applet in Windows control panel. Enter game into serach field to find applet.


As the last resort, you can increase dead zone for z rotation.


Resistors used in X52 joysticks are really bad.

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Two notes:

1. Joystick calibrates every time you restart your computer. Pluging and unpluging (or the other way) won't work if you plug in to the same USB port.

Example: if you hold your stick deflected left during system bootup that position will be your new center.


2. You can delete calibration data from the windows registry. Search for my posts on this forum or do a general search on Saitek forums. Note that there are different keys to be deleted in different operating systems versions! Backup your registry and learn how to restore it before doing that.



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