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Looking for Flyable US Multi-Role Aircraft

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Is it just me or doesn't anybody want an F-16, F/A-18, or F-15E to fly on the US/Allied side of LOCKON/FC2??? I love the game and have been playing the series since 1996. I really wish we had something that can dogfight AND drop some bombs that wasn't a Mig-29 or Su-33. I've seen some F-18 and F16 mods but apparently we STILL can't drop bombs, etc. Hopefully that changes in the future, but if anyone knows of something I don't...... Please reply!




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"The only thing we have to fear...... is GRAVITY! ....and the occasional R-77."

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Have to say the stars are lining up for ED in terms of the A10. The unfortunate wars since '91 have pushed the Hog further and further into the spotlight. It's done so much of the leg work and was arguably the star in almost every theatre. It has also gotten a lot of attention in terms of upgrades and weapons mods, and has had some of the most interesting and varied missions (CAS, SEAD, Precision Strike, FAC, Tank Plinking). The multi roles on the other hand have sort of been restricted to one or the other role and have not employed both a great deal as was envisioned. Add to that ED's experience with the NG conversion unit, and you have a nice formula.


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