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New countries [Need help]


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I've made a single Switzerland addon for PSV : Here

You can also contact papy_psv or tango_psv


Switzerland is countrie #55


You can add this manualy to the New countries.


- In \BlackShark\data\images\Countries\ edit the flags-1.png and add the Switzerland flag

- In Edit the countries.lua and add the lines from the Swizerland pack

- Dont forger to look in the other files.


If i have time i'll add it in the pack this WE and update Bulgaria.


Edit : Done

Edited by Michelange

EVAC : French fighter school on LockOn: Flaming Cliffs


Moding tutorials at C6

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But New Zealand have no combat aircrafts and only C-130 from FC can be found in RNZAF


NZ used to fly Scooters (A-4s). Wiki: "The RNZAF's air combat capability ended in 2001 with the disbanding of the A-4 Skyhawk squadrons."

Kind regards,




"Joined forum in 2004 but flying Flanker since 1995 :o)"

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