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ModMan 7.2 release date, FC2 support


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ModMan 7.2 will be released this week fully supporting FC2


Like ModMan 7.1 done the job for BS, ModMan 7.2 will be able to add skin as new slot (modders always need to make your 'skin.lma' text file describing the skin settings)


best regards


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Good news indeed!


Thank`s Skypat :thumbup:


McDan out

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Is it possible to make modman replacing an exising skins? Thats actual for integration new models without replacing db_countries.lua. And thats will solve at last the problem of different mods compatibility .


since 7.1 version, mod replacing db_countries.lua was made in the wrong way.


For a new skin slot, modman add the entries to db_countries.lua automatically.

There are plenty of DCS BS ka-50 skins around the place which work in the good way.


for month this modman feature is working fine on BS

FC2 have now the same 'skin' file structure so it's working in the same way.


btw, i seen that somebody posted a modman.ini settings to make modman 7.1 version working with FC2.

these settings are wrong because it's disabling the skin DCS feature .

i have posted in the same thread the good settings.


the skins feature is described in modman/docs/DCS_new_skin_slot.doc word document.


best regards

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Well. Thanks for answer. But i do not mean new skin slot.

Is it possible to let modman replacing an existing skin slot?

Without replacing an existing skin slot but is only one way


replacing db_countries.cfg file is a wrong and bad way because you are corrupting completely the skin database if some skins was installed before yours.

It's not a way to choose at all to pack such a file in a mod. (BTW like *.skins file too...)

To preserve the database integrity, the good way is to add entries to this file not to overwrite it. (you just need to make a skin.lma file)

modifying db_countries..lua file is only required for NEW SLOT.


for new 3DMODEL, no need to owerwrite/modify db_countres.lua, just re-use the same skin name entries (skin ID and skin name) and use these ID/NAME in your dedicated .skins files.


in fact i don't understand at all why are you modifying db_countries.lua file ? (even for new 3DMODEL)

what is the real problem to solve in this file ?



Edited by Skypat
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for example default F-15 USA colorschemes

color_scheme("{2e57406b-0ad2-4531-8dc4-e9ba59be6167}", "32nd TFS (CR) AB Soesterberg (early)"),
         color_scheme("{3506c4fe-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000ec65b9c}", "58th FS \"Gorillas\" (EG) AFB Eglin"),
         color_scheme("{abd15535-a4ba-451a-8583-6d796c35747b}", "59th FS \"Proud Lions\" (EG) AFB Eglin"),
         color_scheme("{8238d333-c109-43dc-8cae-74e92799270a}", "27th FS \"Fighting Eagles\" (FF) AFB Langley"),
         color_scheme("{a4492e44-06bd-4ed8-b744-f5fd4be4b2c8}", "71th FS \"The Ironmen\" (FF) AFB Langley"),
         color_scheme("{c0ee4ef9-9328-4a38-871e-1dfbd1efd41f}", "67th FS \"Fighting Cocks\"  (ZZ) AB Kadena"),
         color_scheme("{1a27ede8-236a-42c6-b7c5-2f2f2620fd26}", "48th FW 493rd FS (LN) RAF Lakenheath (GB)"),
         color_scheme("{2a31c5f8-df20-4af3-bd7d-ccbb8a64b5cf}", "52th FW \"The Tigers\" (SP) AB Spangdahlem"),
         color_scheme("{8e75a77d-c944-4f43-9441-787e03d6b68f}", "54th FS (AK) AFB Elmendorf (early)"),

and ours new model

color_scheme("{2e57406b-0ad2-4531-8dc4-e9ba59be3535}", _("48th FW 493rd FS (LN) RAF Lakenheath (GB)"), 0),
           color_scheme("{3506c4fe-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000ec63535}", _("173th FW ANG Oregon"), 1),
           color_scheme("{abd15535-a4ba-451a-8583-6d796c353535}", _("57th FW 65th Aggressors 28"), 2),
           color_scheme("{AK475535-a4ba-451a-8583-6d796c35AK47}", _("57th FW 65th Aggressors 10"), 3),
           color_scheme("{M166c4fe-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000ec63M16}", _("173th FW ANG Oregon Shark"), 6),
           color_scheme("{ALASKAfe-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000eALASKA}", _("3th FW 19 FS Elmendorf"), 7),
           color_scheme("{Fictiona-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000eALASKA}", _("Fictional DC"), 8),
           color_scheme("{JASDF4fe-4c3a-4d79-b232-fd000ecJASDF}", _("JASDF F-15J 303SQ"), 9),

9 skins default and 8 skins-ours. I know that names have no value in db_countries, it is important only CLSID. But how to be with quantity?


sorry for my english

Edited by USSR_Gys71
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I only wish to replace one code with other code. It is possible?

If we shall replace one code with other code and we shall make it for other country - all ours skins will be established automatically. It will not be necessary to add their one behind one.

Edited by USSR_Gys71
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ok i understand.

in fact you want 'good skin name' for and not reusing 'old id and old skin name'


in example: if your new 3D model skin is (color) yellow, you don't want the old skinname 'The green team'

you want 'the yellow team' skin name.


in fact you want to replace all the F-15 section in db_countries.lua files.

that's not possible.


you have 2 solutions

1- using the old id and skinname for referencing several new 3D model skin


2- adding new skin slot for the new 3D models (but the old skin slot will make artefact/bug on the new 3D model)

you can add the word 'new' to these skin name so users will be able to see what are the skins to use with the new 3D model


#2 is the best solution if you want absolutely use new skin name (and new id)


the last solution is to install A10/F15 before all others mods...



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