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Enbseries 2.1 w/ colorpalette - Does it work with LO?

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Hi guys.


I can't get 2.1 with colorpalette to work with LO. It works without the colorpalette (yellow tint).


Anyone know how to get the yellow tint? It works for me in DCS:BS.

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I believe that it will only work if you use the enbconverter which basically tacks on some direcx 9 features onto directx 8. I have got it to work in LOMAC but the performance hit is terrible.


I've tried various d3d9.dll's but they all cost a serious amount of frames compared to the d3d8 tht allows bloom. I'll post it up tomorrow anyway to let you try it for yourself.



Good news though, LOMAC 2.0 is just around the corner and it's DX9, so we can have all the full features of the DX9 version of enb without the performance cost with enbconverter.

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