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Start Program problem. See this please.

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I write down this problem once, but nobody answer.


In install process. my system have strange behavior.

First I install clean LockOn original and just install Lockon 1.1


And I start lockon 1.1. then nothing happen. No start window, no starforce activation window. Just self out program.


But, I double click one excutable file - ExtractTextures.exe - then appear concole dialog and starforce activation window. So I register my activation key and out. Next. I can start Lockon 1.1 .


Now lockon1.1 has no problem. I well play it. But isn't strange? Anybody here who know this phenomena?


My system is AMP2500, nforce 2, 768MB RAM ATI RADEON 9700+CATAL5.4

and WindowXP+SP2.

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